Saturday, 16 February 2013

Garden Clean Up

It's Saturday morning, was my turn to get up and feed the puppy and I'm sat here looking at the garden as I write this post, and it's looking pretty cluttered and messy.  There are plant pots and children's toys scattered around under the trampoline waiting to be cleaned and put away or thrown away, possibly from a couple of summers ago.

With having builders in all last summer, I didn't really get out there too much and keep on top of the garden.  In addition, many of the plants that we had out front had to be moved into the back garden to allow the builders to dig the lightwell for the basement.  As a consequence, the borders are looking untidy and a little overgrown in places.

I still need to clear away the grow bags from last summer's tomatoes and the wooden staging they were grown on needs chopping up for firewood and replacing with my new mini greenhouse, which I was given to me as a gift for Christmas this year.

It's only a plastic covered one, but will fit exactly into the space and be great for growing a few tomato plants in and raising some seedlings this spring, to sow at the allotment and give to the school for the summer fete.  I'm looking forward to getting it put up, as I haven't had a proper place to grow seedlings since my lovely old grotty lean-to was demolished a couple of years ago.  It was a wreck, but was the perfect place to hide away and sow/pot on my plants and it was relatively warm in there too.  It was my haven really, and I haven't had the same interest in sowing and gardening since it went and new patio doors and decking took its place when we renovated the kitchen.

As a consequence of the above, and the fact that the more pressing indoor renovations are almost complete, plus the fact that I need to get some plants ready to put in at the allotment,  I'm now starting to move my focus outside and looking forward to having a really good clear up.  The fact that the puppy is now a regular user of the garden is another factor.   We currently have this temporary barricade to prevent her getting into next doors garden but this looks rather unsightly and the chicken wire dog proofing desperately needs extending beyond this point.

Talking of the puppy, she's currently out there having a stand off with next door's cat who is cleverly sat on top of the fence well out of reach, but close enough to be a source of torment. 

The puppy is in a feisty mood too, as she's just had her breakfast, hence why I put her out there, as she was trying to chew everything in sight.  She's now chewing my plants - excuse me for just a moment! 

Disaster averted, but I guess it is something I will have to get used to.  Anyway, enough of me rambling on, time to get some work done.  I'll post pictures of the hopefully tidy garden when the work is finished.

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  1. Spring does really feel like it has arrived - good to start a garden tidy up. We had a
    trampoline dominate the garden for years !

    The puppy looks very interested in the cat who is obviously taunting it sitting there out of reach !