Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Trip Up The West End

Today, we spent the afternoon shopping in the West End.  Well, OH did anyway, as it was for him that we made the trip.  He didn't have a suit to wear for a wedding we're attending next week, so we needed to make a mercy dash into town.

Unfortunately, his last suit was eaten by moths after a very extensive infestation in his wardrobe.  He wasn't happy.  The moths did actually do him a favour though, as he was never convinced by his last suit and has since lost quite a lot of weight due to all the cycling he's been doing in the last couple of years, so he was happy to treat himself to a new good quality suit, heavily marked down from Paul Smith's Sale Shop off New Bond Street.

Sometimes, you just know that buying a quality suit is going to pay for itself over and over and running his own business as he does, it will definitely get some wear and lend itself to creating a good impression in a work capacity too.  Inspite of subsequently looking elsewhere, everything else we saw paled into insignificance and we hot footed it straight back to the Paul Smith Sale Shop, to buy the one we'd seen originally.

He was very happy with his new suit and I was pleased that he had bought British. Needless to say, it won't be kept in his wardrobe, but will be given a home in his office to avoid a repeat of what happened to the last one.

In the process of looking around for alternatives, I managed to get LB her first proper bra from John Lewis, courtesy of the £20 gift card I was given last week when the collection of my shopping was delayed.  She needed it to wear with the dress her father bought her to wear for the wedding.

I did splash out on a new styling wand for me, mainly because I thought I probably needed to get my act together and do something with my hair on the day.  It is also something that LB has wanted for a while though, so even if I don't use it too often, I'm sure she'll get good use out of it.  We need to do a practice run on my hair before the day though, to see how it looks once curled.  Should be fun.

Town was packed, as you might imagine, but we were in and out within 3 or 4 hours.  We took the car and got lucky bagging a free parking space not far from where we wanted to be.  The worst thing was the traffic. Hopefully, we won't need to go into town again until we do our once yearly trip for Christmas shopping in November or December.


  1. Nice to have new clothes for a wedding. Husband has one suit.. the one he bought twenty four years ago for our wedding !

    1. How romantic and it still fits. He's doing well.