Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Loving Lately

There's a few things that I've been loving lately, and none of them have really cost much money, proving that simple things can bring untold pleasure. 

The first has been my orange blossom bush, which has recently flowered beautifully.  I caught this photo of it when it was on the point of going over, but it has been glorious and it smells divine.  Next door's rose bush used to intertwine with it, making it even more fabulous, but they've recently cut it down.  I suspect partly because all the flowers were coming over to my side of the fence, which is fair enough.

The next thing I'm loving is my diffuser.  It was gift from OH for my 50th last year (I asked for it), and I use it almost every day.  It's ceramic, so it's quite attractive as these things go, and it is a great way to use my essential oils to make our home smell lovely.  I usually switch it on in the kitchen every night once I've finished the washing up and let it infuse the room with the smell of eucalyptus or whatever oil I want to use.

For the last couple of weeks, I've really been enjoying harvesting and eating our home grown lettuce.  One particular variety I grew got a bit infested with green fly, which had to be washed off, but more recent crops and varieties have been fine and I've been filling our bowl as soon as it empties.

I've also been loving that peaches and nectarines are back in season.  I don't bother to buy apples in the summer months, although there's the odd one still in the bowl here, as I just buy these when they are a good price in Lidl.  These doughnut peaches were 69p for 5 and the doughnut nectarines 89p for 10 this week.  You just can't beat filling your fruit bowl with these fruits in the summer months.

One last thing that I've been enjoying have been these lentil crisps from Lidl.  At £1.19 for 6 packs, these are ideal for packed lunches when I go to the CS or for an easy quick snack and they taste great too.


  1. I too love picking salad leaves every night for supper. I've never seen lentil crisps !

  2. I love lentil chips of any brand!

  3. I really enjoyed this post of simple pleasures and your garden is lovely - I had just the same problem with my neighbour and the overhanging shrubs that are no more!
    Funny I had not seen those doughnut peaches before then saw them in Sainsbury's tonight! Have seen all the Lentil crisps though - I got a small bag for my granddaughter on her last visit - we all enjoyed them.