Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Donated - May 2017

I'm a bit late publishing this post this month, on account of procrastinating about counting the items in a bag of toys we donated, but here it is.

This month has been an excellent month on the decluttering and donating front.  Flylady's zone cleaning has led to a lot of decluttering from several rooms in the house, including the dining room/second reception room, the kitchen, LB's bedroom and my bedroom. As a consequence, the following extensive list of items has accumulated over the month, some of which were taken to the charity shop, but the majority of which are awaiting donation to the next Give and Take day later this month.

So, here is the list for May:

1. One book I no longer want to keep.
2-6. Five items of clothing that LB no longer wants or don't fit.
7. One unused jar of children's craft glitter sprinkles.
8. One concert programme from the 1980's.
9-10. One ruler and one poster - surplus to requirements.
11. One bag of foreign coins taken to the CS to be resold to collectors.
12. One guide book for Greece borrowed from a volunteer at the CS - returned to said volunteer.
13. One bag of children's embroidery yarn and canvas.
14. One small leather satchel (used only once) put aside to be gifted to my niece for her birthday.
15. One pair of gloves - no longer wanted.
16-17. Two coat hangers.
18. One tray - rarely used and too big to fit in a cupboard.
19. One book of cocktail recipes - never used and unlikely to be.
20-21. Two cake tins - hardly ever used.
22-30 Various dusters/cloth bags put in the rag bag for recycling.
31-32. Two cans of spray cleaner for cars - a gift never used nor likely to be.
33. Sticky fly trap - bought but never used. (This was a frugal fail as I needed one later in the month!)
34. Sample of colour collecting sheets for the washing machine - will never be used as I always divide clothes into darks and lights anyway.  Might be useful to someone else.
35. One knife rack for the dishwasher - never used nor likely to be, as I hand wash most knives.
36. End of a roll of rubber draw lining - I haven't used it in six years and probably won't use it in the near future. Besides, it's looking a bit yuck, as there was a leak in the under sink cupboard where I kept it so I threw it away.
37. One plastic jug with lid - a bit beaten up and no longer used.
38-44. Seven pieces of fabric I no longer want to keep in my stash.
45. One can opener that no longer works - thrown away once replaced.
46. One more knife with a damaged handle.
47. One spaghetti measure that I never use.
48. One cheese slice that I never use.
49-52. Four baking cutters that we no longer use.
52-54. Three recipe books that we don't use.
55. One melamine tray - I no longer have a use for this.
56. One glass bottle with stopper - I have too many of these.
57. One single oven mitt - I hardly ever use this.
58. One novelty Xmas eggcup.
59. One flask that never gets used.
60-67. Eight metal S hooks that I don't have a use for.
68-69. Multi-phrase stamper and ink pad.
70. One sudoku book, part completed - given to a lady at the CS who enjoys these puzzles.
71. One silk cushion cover.
72. One cookery book I no longer want.
73. One picture in a frame.
74-5. Two baby blankets.
76. One book.
77. One laundry basket.
78. One small purse - no longer needed.
79. One vintage vase.
80. One bracelet - unwanted gift.
81-87. Seven more items of clothing donated by LB.
88. One pair of worn out trainers kept as spares, belonging to OH - recycled now he has his new pair for his birthday and can use his current ones as spares.
89-120. Thirty two books decluttered from my bedroom bookshelves.
121-127. Seven decorative/other items decluttered from my bedroom bookshelves.
128- 177. Fifty soft toys, games and dolls clothes donated by LB.

This month a total of  items are leaving the house to bring the total so far this year to 492. It's been a great month and this means I'm almost half way there, but it will probably get a lot more difficult from here on in.


  1. Almost 500 items - isn't it amazing what we have around the house that we don't really want or have a use for anymore. Fifty soft toys - I know how these add up quickly in fact my theory is that they breed overnight! At one time my girls had about seven Eeyores between them 3 of them identical but I was never very sure how we came by them as I never bought them any after their first teddy!

    1. Crazy isn't it. She's still got probably another 20 or 30 that she's keeping! Admittedly, some of them are very small, but still. I think I had 3 teddies in total.

  2. Way to go. I am afraid that I am not going to reach my goal this year. But there is always next year.

    God bless.