Monday, 5 June 2017

A More Productive Weekend

This weekend has been a bit more productive one than last week, on Saturday anyway. I think I must have just needed a few days to take stock, before getting back on track.

I spent most of Saturday doing my kitchen or Zone 2 cleaning and my Weekly Home Blessing. The kitchen took the most part of the morning. I needed to clean away as much of the flyspray that I'd been spraying everywhere to rid the house of the fruit fly infestation.  I think bar a few isolated flies, which I'm now tackling when I see them, we seem to be rid of the problem. I won't leave them in future, now I know what the outcome can be.  Having a full on swarm is no fun at all.

Anyway, I worked my way around the kitchen, re-cleaned all the window sills where lots of the dead flies had dropped, cleaned the windows inside and out this time, cleaned down all the worktops and cupboard doors and then vacuumed and mopped the floor too. I didn't need to do inside the cupboards or clean the oven or fridge interior this time around.  I'll tackle them thoroughly again next month.

I did do a few extra jobs on my way round.  One was to take down the kitchen curtains and wash them for the first time since making them, probably two years ago now. I was a bit worried that they or the linings might shrink, as I'd never washed them before and they are cotton, but they were okay luckily.  They are now ironed and re-hung.

I also cleaned off the blackboard and rewrote the reminders and cleaned out another corner that I had missed last month. It's so much easier cleaning this room regularly, as it just doesn't get as grimy.  I don't know why I've never done this before.

Later as part of my WHB I vacuumed and mopped through the rest of the house. I even found time to finish a little DIY job that I started a couple of weeks ago, which felt satisfying.  (A post on the subject is coming up soon)

Sunday, I didn't really do anything.  OH was out all day at a cycle race, LB had friends round and it got a bit cold outside, which meant that I didn't want to garden, so I spent most of the day inside watching Netflix and YouTube and chilling out. Naughty, but nice.

This week, as previously explained, I'm reverting to cleaning Zone's 5 and 1, the dining and living room, instead of doing them last week. Now LB is back at school, I should find it a lot easier to motivate myself to clean on the days when I'm not at the CS and can get back into the zone again.

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  1. So glad the fly situation is under control.

    Looking forward to learning about your DIY job.

    God bless.