Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Craft Room Decluttering and a DIY

A couple of weeks ago,  I found myself with some free time one Monday afternoon, on account of not needing to do any additional grocery shopping, and as a consequence, I decided to do a bit of decluttering in my sewing room and start a small DIY project.

The first thing I did was empty a small laundry bin that was filled with fabric.  I decided I didn't want more than half of it any more and put it on the donate pile.  Probably about 6 or 7 pieces were donated, the rest I relocated.

At the same time, I decided to look through my stash for some fabric to make some new cushion covers for the living room.  I just feel like brightening the place up a little for the summer months.  I found a few fabrics that could possibly work, and tried them in situ to help me narrow it down to one or two choices, setting them aside for when I can find the time to make them.

In the process of looking for fabric, I came across some of the fabric that I used to cover the top of the ottoman in our bedroom.  There was a piece that was exactly the right size to fit the stool under the dressing table to make it match the ottoman. It's a vintage Sanderson floral fabric, that has a beautiful cabbage roses print.

Although I liked the fabric that was already covering the small stool/ottoman, I wanted the room to be more co-ordinated, so I decided to re-upholster it in the matching fabric. Here's what it looked like before.

As you can see it's a lovely vintage floral fabric, but this was my first DIY upholstery project and the finish wasn't great, as I put too much wadding under the fabric.  Once I'd pulled it out, the original wool wadding was still there, so I just used that on its own and it looks much better.

I re-used the same lace to finish off around the edge, as it was a good colour match for this fabric too. I'm very happy with the results and the fact that I now have a lovely co-ordinated bedroom.

My next DIY job, when I get the chance, is to make the new cushion covers for the living room. I'll keep you posted on progress.