Saturday, 29 August 2015

US Natural Beauty Purchases - Part 2 - Whole Foods

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to purchase a few natural/organic beauty products on our holiday in the US. I checked out the addresses of local wholefood stores and other organic stores before we went away and I did manage to go to one branch of Whole Foods whilst in the US, although it wasn't a particularly big store.

Here, however, I did manage to pick up a few bits at much better prices than I could get them in the UK. 

The first was this huge 973ml bottle of Dr Bronner's Peppermint liquid soap, which I intend to use as a shower gel.  It was on offer at $12 which equates to about £8, probably half the price for the same amount in the UK.  It was a bit heavy to bring home, but with a bit of jiggery pokery I managed to squeeze it into my luggage allowance.

I also bought a couple of Dr Bronner Peppermint soaps too, which I may use to make some more homemade shower gel and hand wash, which I have previously done with an almond bar. These were also on offer at $3.49(£2.50) each and thus were a bit cheaper than the £4 I'd pay for them in the UK. I also bought another bar which we used on our travels and found it very refreshing to use in the shower.

Next I bought some hair products from Whole Foods, although they didn't turn out to be as natural as I would have liked.  However, due to the fact my hair was feeling and looking frizzy and worse for wear because of the intense heat and humidity, I didn't mind too much, as the results I got from them were preferable to those I was getting from the products I'd taken with me.  I wouldn't repurchase them even if I could, but they did help keep my hair from looking far worse.

Other Whole Foods purchases included a lilac perfumed Soy Wax candle for $10 (£6.50)
and a French Lilac roll on perfume by Pacifica for $11.99 (£8).

I did originally want to buy the solid perfume version of this, but couldn't find it anywhere, so bought this roll-on  instead, although it wasn't really much cheaper than I could get it in the UK.  I do really like the smell though. I also bought a nude eyeliner by Pacifica too, to replace my Rimmel one when it is finished, as I don't think you can get this in the UK yet.

(Please excuse the rotation of all of these pictures - technical difficulties)

Ironically, whilst in the store, I overheard the staff telling some customers that their store in London is huge and has over 5 floors, so I may head there at some point now I'm back and see what prices they charge.  I believe it is in Kensington and is therefore quite a distance from where I live but there is a store a couple of miles from me in London, which a friend used to work at, so I may try there too, although I suspect prices in the UK may not be quite so keen. (but not so expensive as a plane ticket!!!)

It was interesting to see the choices available in the US though and I feel that I did get a good deal on some of the items I bought.

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