Thursday, 13 August 2015

Another Free Day and Night

On Tuesday this week, LB arranged to stay over at her friend's house again, so I found myself with another couple of free days in which to catch up on some domestic tasks.  In all honesty, for one reason or another, I didn't actually get around to spending the whole of each day catching up, more like just a couple of hours, but I did manage to get on top of the washing and ironing, which was very useful, with our holiday just a week away.

Having let the washing and ironing build up last week when I wasn't feeling too good, I've spent the last week digging out and wearing some items of clothing that have hardly seen the light of day all summer.  As a consequence, a couple of skirts have been relegated to the CS pile, as I decided I didn't want to keep them and another has been reinstated as a current favourite and will be finding it's way into my suitcase for our holiday.

I think a few more things may hit the dust in the next week, as I'm feeling loath to hang onto things that I just don't enjoy wearing any longer.  The space they take up in the wardrobe and in storage over the winter, detract from items that I do enjoy wearing. It's strange how you can think that you've whittled things down, only to find out that actually, you still just have far too much and there's plenty more that can go.

Yesterday, after a night of rain, it has been lovely and cool and I've enjoyed the break in the weather. I'm really more of an autumn/winter person and like to be covered up in layers of clothes, so it doesn't bother me the way it does some people when the summer comes to an end. I much prefer my winter wardrobe and find myself looking forward to getting it out again.

Tuesday night, OH and I had a grown up trip to the cinema.  We didn't go to the local VUE on principle, after my recent experience of their brand and it's unpleasant attitude towards some sections of society.  After contacting them to complain about their treatment of a customer with special needs, I was more or less told to mind my own business and as a consequence, I won't be spending any of our money in their cinemas for the forseeable future.  Instead, we visited a nearby independent Picturehouse cinema that we used to frequent before the said multiplex was built.

It was a lovely little trip down memory lane and it reminded me what I had liked about the cinema before the advent of the behemoth shopping mall that was built next door. It also served to remind me that there are positive businesses out there that try to be inclusive of different sections of society. This cinema has regular showings for individuals on the autistic spectrum in which they can make as much noise as they want during showings.  This was very reassuring and helped restore my faith in humanity.

In addition, it was far less expensive, we didn't have to pay the extortionate parking fees to park in the mall car park and we got to see an interesting Spanish subtitled film, that frankly wouldn't get a showing at such a mainstream venue.

The only negatives where the smaller seat sizes and the fact that there were very few people there to watch the film, although probably part of the reason for that was that it was a late showing starting at 9 pm on a Tuesday evening.  I counted just 7 people in the screening (including ourselves).  It makes me a little sad that such businesses get so much less support than the large dominant concerns, that despite all the corporate customer service blarney, don't actually give a damn about their customers other than wanting to help them part with their hard earned cash.  It is so depressing. Anyway, we will be going to said independent, the next time we fancy an evening at the cinema.

Anyway, according to the weather forecast, today and tomorrow we might be getting torrential rain. There's no sign of it just yet, so I'm hoping it will hold off until after I've walked the dog, after which I don't mind.  Today, we're going to IKEA for a few small things and to do a reccie on desks for LB's bedroom.  Wish me luck.


  1. Could you please send some of your rain across the pond to my province in Canada. We have just had fire bans established.

    It is very hot and dry here.

    God bless.

    1. Oh dear. I hope you get some rain soon to cool things down.