Monday, 17 August 2015

Last Minute Preparations

We're heading off in a couple of days, so I've been gradually winding everything down and using up the food in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.  It's going down well and by Sunday night this is what was left in the fridge.  I gave it a clean out whilst it was so empty, so it is nice and clean to come home to.

Beefburgers for tea on Monday night, some veggies and pasta sauce to make a lasagne on Tuesday night and a few bits of salad and cheese to make salads and sandwiches for lunches.  This week's shop will definitely a very minimal one, as I only need to buy bread and milk and a couple of other things to last us two days.

The freezer has very little left in it too.  Just some oven chips, vegetables, Quorn mince,Yorkshire puddings, a few fish fingers and frozen fruit and other left overs in tubs.  I'm happy not to be leaving any meat in there, as our electricity has been known to go off and spoil the contents. I would have liked to have got it even emptier and defrosted it, as it desperately needs it, but didn't get the chance. I may get around to it yet, as we do have another freezer I can turn on for a couple of days.

The cereal cupboard has also been whittled right down over the last week or so.  We are definitely in making do mode now.  Our general food cupboard is perhaps the most stocked, as it still has quite a few dried and tinned foods to come home to which is good.  At least we could manage to cobble something together if we get home late.

I now just need to shop for some dog food for our dog, who is going to board with a dog walker, visit the allotment and put in some pepper plants, water and harvest and possibly freeze whatever is ready, do my last couple of classes at the gym, take a library book back, post a couple of items and then we'll be virtually ready to go.

Don't you just love the countdown to a holiday?

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