Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Naturisimo Cleanse and Polish Discovery Box Delivery

Apologies before I start, but this is a long post.  I got an email the other day informing me about the launch of the above beauty box from natural beauty website Naturisimo.  I don't always buy their boxes, which are NOT subscription boxes, but which you can just buy from their site.  I only buy them if I am particularly interested in the contents and I have bought one with lots of make up products in it in the past.

This particular box, however, concentrated on cleansing products, many of which were from brands that I am interested in trying, such as Balance Me, Green People and Madara, plus others.  The box itself contained 7 products and cost just £9.95 with free delivery, which I thought was super reasonable, so I went ahead and ordered it.

It came two days later in it's usual simple black box.  In it were the following products, which I will list the names and a few details of below:

(Apologies for this being upside down, it would not upload any other way)

Green People Fruit Scrub Exfoliator with Mandarin, Apricot and Bergamot - 88% organic and a 30ml tube. A reasonable size which should give a few applications at least.

Skin and Tonic Steam Clean with Cotton Cleansing Cloth - This is a Soil Association certified organic product which smells deliciously of spearmint and eucalyptus and is actually made less than 1 mile from where I live, which is interesting. This is a 15ml glass jar (which I can definitely re-use once used up). A lovely looking product which I'm looking forward to trying. A cotton cleaning cloth for wiping off this product is also included as one of the 7 items in this box.

John Masters Organics Birch and Cedarwood cleansing and shaving bar. I'm assuming from the scent and name of this product that it is aimed at men. This is a full 128g bar of soap with a woody natural smell and as such will probably find it's way into a certain person's Christmas stocking!

Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask - 99% natural with some organic ingredients, this rinse off mask sounds interesting, although it does warn that due to it's superdose of active acids, it can cause temporary redness and tingling.  It is supposed to give skin instant radiance.  This is a small 12.5ml tube. I won't be using this prior to my holiday, as you should avoid intensive sun exposure for one week after it's use, as it causes a slight peeling of dead skin cells.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash - This facial wash is almost 99% natural and is purported to cleanse, balance and refresh the skin.  This is a 50 ml tube which is a good size and should be good for travel purposes and everyday use.

Finally, was a Madara  sample sachet of Micellar Water with Hyaluronic acid, which dissolves make-up, cleanses, tones and soothes. Although I've never used a micellar water, as I tend to just stick with a facial wash and then a toner, I will be interested to try this product on my skin and especially to see if the Hyaluronic acid benefits it, as I have heard a lot about it.

I was very happy with the contents of this box and fully intend to use them all at some point.

I also ordered a couple of other products on this order, the first being this Tisserand Jasmine Absolute oil in Organic Jojoba oil, which can be used as a natural perfume.  It does smell very nice and seems to last longer than many natural perfumes I have tried and with the 4711 rapidly running out, this will most definitely be useful until I manage to get something else.  At £7.25 it seemed good value too and I have heard from aromatherapists I met during a workshop, who have worked for this brand, that the quality of Tisserand oils is good, so I was interested to try them.

I also ordered this Lavera Eyebrow Styling Gel in Hazel Blonde, which is my true hair colour.  The brown mascara I am currently using on my eyebrows is virtually dried up and I wanted something similar that I could use and that was easy to travel with.  It has a nice little dry brush on the end for tidying the brows too. This cost £10.50, which although quite pricey, is pretty inexpensive compared to some natural brands.  I just hope it works well. This brand tends to be easily available from Holland and Barrett.

Due to spending over £25 on this order (it quickly mounts up when buying natural products), I got 7 free samples with my order.  Here's a picture.

(sorry, same thing happened!)

One was a baby wash and shampoo by Green People, which I am interested to use, as I think my scalp may be reacting to something I'm currently using.  I'm sure if it's for babies then it will be as gentle as it possibly can be.  This company also donates 10% of net profits to charity.

Also included were 3 makeup coverage products, one moisture tint with SPF15 from Jane Iredale and a mineral foundation with SPF20 from the same brand.  I must admit that whilst I really like this brand and the lovely packaging that it comes in, I haven't yet bought a full size product as they are a little out of my price range, but I will happily try these.  There was also a sachet of colour correction moisture tint from Lavera.

The timing of these samples is great as I am currently trying out some of the tinted moisturiser samples I have, due to the fact that I am coming to the end of the Nivea tinted moisturiser that I reverted to when I had a major breakout.

Yesterday, I tried one sample by Madara which feels very nice on, gives a very light natural coverage, but is perhaps a little pinky toned for my skin.  In fact, it went on so nicely that it makes my current concealer seam very sticky and difficult to use.  I have one other colour sample from this Latvian organic/natural brand to try and if it looks okay, this may be the brand I will go with, as it is a bit more reasonably priced than some of the others.

The other 3 sample products were all facial products, namely a serum, a cleanser and a skin perfector primer. Once again, I was very happy with these samples and other products provided, making this a very useful order indeed.

Please note that I am NOT sponsored in writing this post, I have no affilliate links with any brand or website and I have purchased all of the products herein myself.  My opinions are completely my own and I hope they may help anyone looking to purchase natural makeup/cosmetic products.


  1. This looks fantastic value.

    1. I think so. Their boxes do tend to be, especially if you do want to try new things and because they are all natural/organic products which tend to be very pricey.