Thursday, 20 August 2015

US Natural Beauty Purchases - Part 1 - Target/Marshalls/Other Sources

Whilst on our holiday in Florida, I wanted to try find a few natural beauty items that I had been contemplating buying here, but which I thought I might be able to buy more cheaply in the US, as they were US brands. I did find a couple of items from my wish list in a Target store (a US supermarket chain), namely this brown mascara and this Sea Foam facial wash by Pacifica.

These did work out a little bit cheaper than I could buy them in the UK at $13.99 (£9.00) and $10.99 (£7.50) respectively, so I was more than happy to buy them here.  The price in dollars was the price I'd pay in pounds here. Some other items on the list though, and particularly those from the brand 100% Pure, I discovered by checking them out online, were way out of my price range, so I didn't buy them and couldn't actually find them anywhere in any case.

I also made a few purchases in  a store called Marshalls, which I believe is owned by the same company as TK MAXX in the UK.  One was this natural stick deodorant in a lavender and coconut fragrance.

I bought this because the container it came in can be reused by me in making my own homemade deodorant and they are quite hard to come by in the UK.  You can order them through Amazon, but I didn't want to buy multiples.  I tried it out and it works well and cost just $4 (£2.75), which I think is very reasonable for an organic natural deodourant.  I also found a bottle of Sweet Almond Oil and a large pack of Chia seeds here too at quite reasonable prices, and these were things I needed to buy when I got back to the UK anyway.

In addition, (although not actually a natural beauty product) I found this set of lovely small square lidded acrylic dressing table pots for just $5 (£3.75) which are ideal for storing cotton buds, hair bands and earrings and will definitely help to keep everything tidy.  I was really pleased to find these.

One other great little find that I purchased from our apartment reception, was this little Aloe Vera Lip Sunscreen SPF30, which cost just $2.50 (£1.75) and looking at the ingredients it is quite a natural product, which made it a complete steal.  I used it quite a bit when I was sat around the pool.

I did buy an Aloe Vera sun screen from here too, which although wasn't a natural product, was preferred by OH as it didn't show up white on the skin, which the more natural one I'd bought did. A tube cost $10 (£6.50) which was probably similar to what I'd pay  in the UK.

I didn't buy any hugely expensive beauty items in the US, just a few things that I know for definite that I will use and that won't get wasted.  I would have liked to buy a few more natural products, but in all honesty I didn't find many that suited my budget and didn't contain ingredients that I try to avoid. It did make me appreciate the fact that we do have the option of buying quite a few decent, but reasonably priced natural brands here in the UK. I was pleased with what I did buy though, so I wasn't too disappointed.

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