Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Summer Cold

I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week and seem to have caught a summer cold.  I was starting to feel a bit off before we headed off for the weekend, but managed to stave it off until this week when it has hit me properly. It's not a full on winter flu bug or anything, I didn't fall victim to any lurgy over the autumn/winter, but it is still a bit debilitating.

In view of the fact that I haven't been feeling on top form I've been taking it relatively easy this week and on Tuesday, I just headed off with LB to do a little bit of back to school shopping. She needed a new school skirt and I wanted to get one before we head off on holiday in a couple of weeks.  In addition to finding one, I did of course manage to buy a couple of other bits that we needed or that I couldn't resist.

Firstly, I got a couple of Faith in Nature products from TK Maxx for £4 each.  Whilst buying these products cheaply isn't the main focus, this is the cheapest I've found them anywhere and I couldn't wait for an online order, as I'd run out of both and needed them pronto. I got a different fragrance for the bath foam this time, Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang, which seems to smell very nice indeed, so I'm looking forward to trying it.  The bath foams from this brand foam up pretty well for a natural product, considering they don't have all the chemicals in to aid them.  I really like the fact that their products are made here in the UK too.

I also bought a couple of small things for LB, namely a new pencil case recycled from some plastic woven sacks.  I loved this and was tempted to buy it for myself, but I don't have need of a pencil case at the moment.  At £2 it was a good price and it's nice to know that it's made using recycled materials.

I also bought her some craft papers for £2 to use as backing in photo frames for her newly decorated room. Many of the coloured papers in the pack match her new decor.

Finally, I couldn't resist this pair of khaki jersey short shorts.  I know I said in a previous post that I don't like short shorts, and I don't, but this pair are lovely and loose fitting and sometimes it is good to air your legs on holiday, if only on the beach.  These were just £4 in the sale at H&M and I think I will get good use out of them on our holiday.

On Wednesday, I took the day off from going to the gym in the morning, as I didn't feel up to doing a class and had a bit of a lie in reading my current book.  I then headed out with the dog.  Dog walks have become a little bit more restricted lately, as there have been a series of attacks on lone women in our area and I'm very wary when out on my own. (Although I have always been careful not to go through areas with dense vegetation).  I'm hoping they catch the perpertrator soon and we can enjoy our dog walks again.  One positive is that there is a significant police presence in the area at the moment, which is reassuring but makes me suspect that the person concerned is still at large.

I haven't really got any firm plans for us this week, as I just want to shake off  this cold and get back to some normality.  I'm currently dosing myself up with cough sweets, vitamin C in the form of oranges and tangerines and paracetamol.  I may try to start a bit of holiday packing later in the week, (I always start way in advance and then whittle everything down) or alternatively try to distribute more of the CS donations I have clogging up the sewing room, but other than that I'm taking it easy.