Sunday, 16 August 2015

Project Pan on Makeup and Cosmetics

After watching a few YouTube videos the other day, about using up products in your makeup and cosmetic collection, I decided that I would create a post along similar lines, as I seem to have quite a few things kicking about that I really want to use up and be done with.

Going away on holiday this week is a good excuse to take all of these things with me and do my worst at using them up.  When you don't have access to your normal stash, it is far easier to make do with what you have and just use it.  Not for me, having a stack of new toiletries and makeup to take with me.  I'd much rather take things that need using up and then I won't have to bring them home.

Firstly, as mentioned in a previous post, I'm looking for a new tinted moisturiser.  I think I've found what I'm looking for, after starting to try some samples out, but before I buy it, I'm going to take away with me all the samples and part used products I have and use them throughout the holiday. Doing this may also help if I develop a bit of a tan and need to use a darker or different product while I'm away.  Here's a picture of what I'm taking.

In addition, samples take up very little room in my toiletry bag, so the amount shouldn't be a problem if I do need to bring some home with me. I have cut open the top of the Nivea tube and am applying the reasonably substantial amount left in the bottom using a brush, so that I can reach it.  This little lot should easily last me the whole holiday.

Next on my list are samples of perfume.  Again, I've been looking for a new natural perfume and am planning to buy a small tin of solid perfume from the US, made by a US brand and I'm hoping it will be less expensive there.  In the meantime, I am taking these samples to use up and also the Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba Oil, (not pictured) that I wrote about in a previous post.  I have found that the scent of natural perfumes doesn't seem to last long on me thus far in my search.

I'm also in the process of using up lots of sample shampoo and conditioner products that I accumulated from hotel stays, beauty boxes and magazines.  Many of them aren't natural brands. but as I think I have had a recent reaction to a more natural brand, I am taking a break for a week or so and using these up and my scalp does seem to be feeling a lot better.

I have bought a new shampoo and conditioner which is 97% naturally derived from Waitrose of all places and will be taking this away with me too, but in the first instance I want to use up as many of these as I can, both before we go and whilst away.

As we are going to a hot climate, I am also taking these sun care samples with me to use.  One is a facial gel with SPF30 and the other a cream with SPF 50.  These are so small they will be great to put in my beach or handbag for topping up whilst out and about if necessary.

Another prospective purchase in the US will be a new mascara from a US Brand. I want to go back to using a brown mascara as my current one is black. (Pictured below).  I acquired this mascara free when I spent a certain amount of money on Boots Seventeen makeup a while back, so I didn't actually choose it.  It is not waterproof and herein lies the problem, as it does smudge by the end of the day leaving me looking like a panda.  Although I'm liking it a little better the drier it gets, I now just want to use it up and move on.

I also want to use up these concealers. One of which is a vegan brand and is in a pencil form, which I need to sharpen regularly.  Although it is one of the best more natural/vegan brands I've found so far, the sharpening is getting a bit annoying and I would prefer one that doesn't entail this. I do also have another full natural brand concealer ready to go when this is finished. The other concealer here is the Natural Collection one that is raved about on YouTube, that I am using up and is great for brightening the under eye area. Although not a natural brand, it is very inexpensive and I do like it. The wording rubs off the packaging with this one though.

Next in line to be used up are these small face and body creams purchased to try different products or requested as samples in with orders I've placed. I'm not taking a hand cream with me, so these will get used for this purpose, although it is not their intended one. I didn't really find that the face creams suited my skin, but I'm sure they will work just as well as a hand cream. It will be a good way to use them up and they will be handy to put in my handbag on a daily basis.  (I will be keeping the small glass jars though, for my own make up and cosmetic making.  They will be great for small lip balms)

I'm also taking this White Clay and Manuka Honey face mask sample to use up.  I tried it the other week and it is quite nice, so I may treat myself to a face mask now and again whilst away.

I have three lip products that I'm taking with me to use up.  One a red lipstick from M&S which is almost used up.  A chubby stick from Clinique that I received free in a magazine and hasn't much left to it and then a Pink Grapefruit Body Shop Lip Butter I was gifted, which I use at night before I go to bed, as I prefer to wear lipsticks in the daytime.

Finally, I am hoping to use the remainder of this Yes to Cucumber eye gel whilst away as I am not too keen on it and have another that I want to start using when I get back. As I've mentioned in a previous post, it has small lumps of jelly in it, which means I can only use it at night and not under makeup.

So, a real hotch potch of different products going with me to the US. It will be interesting to see what comes back, both old and new. (Not much hopefully) If I manage to use up most of these products, I may begin another Project Pan when I get back to use up more samples and other products I am leaving at home. I'll post on progress when I get back.


  1. great post and a great idea, I have sensitive skin and rarely change anything,including shower gels and shampoo's, but I have cut open a hand cream to use the lotion in the bottom which I can't squeeze out.

    1. Thanks Marlene. Hopefully it will spur me on to use up all these bits and pieces and clear a bit more space.