Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mixing It Up

This week, partly spurred on by attending different exercise classes at Center Parcs, and partly due to the fact that one of my regular aerobics teachers is away for a couple of weeks, I've been attempting to mix up my regular exercise routine.  Three of the classes I attend each week are taught by this teacher and as the cover staff arranged don't necessarily teach the sort of class I enjoy, I've been seeking out and attending a few different and new to me classes at different leisure centres where my gym membership is also valid.

Yesterday, I attended a Brazilian dance class which was new to me.  I cycled to the leisure centre, which is a bit closer than the one I usually use, but I still managed to get lost and go in the wrong direction completely.  Eventually, after much huffing, puffing, sweating and cursing I did get there just 5 minutes late and did the class.  It was a kind of Soca dance class, not like the usual Brazilian dance classes I attend, but was nevertheless quite interesting.  I've attended this class before, but it was then taken by a different teacher who had a completely different style, so it was a completely new class to me in the end.  The cycle journey back was a lot easier and less stressful as there was no time pressure.  At least I'll know the route if I ever go back.

This morning, I attended a class at another centre, even closer to home this time, so at least I didn't get lost.  Again it was a Brazilian dance class, and once more I had attended this slot before, when a different teacher took the class.   I was interested to see the teaching style of this new teacher, as she also takes another class at this leisure centre plus a couple at the one I attended yesterday, which I could use as additional classes if I want to up my exercise quota.  I cycled to the class again, which only takes 5-10 minutes from my house.  A very short journey, but a bit more exercise and a few more calories burned. The class itself was really enjoyable, I was very pleasantly surprised. 

It's been great to try some new classes, as it's very easy to get stuck in a rut when you attend classes regularly.  Although I've enjoyed the change, I will be returning to my normal classes in another week's time, but I may add some of the new classes into my week if I can get booked onto them.  Next week, I think I will continue to book some more new to me classes, as it is interesting to compare teaching styles and choreography.  For me, it is all about the choreography, the more challenging the better, as my mind also gets a bit of a workout.  Besides, it's always good to have a few options available, in case you can't attend or get a space in your usual classes one week.

Part of the reason for this sudden increase and interest in exercise, is that whilst we were away at the weekend, I made the dubious decision to step onto one of those body fat measuring machines.  Now I know that they are probably not 100% accurate, but the results have served to give me a bit of a surprise and a kick up the proverbial you know what.  I've kept the print out and when I next get the chance to use one, I'm going to compare the results and see if there's been any improvement.  Sometimes a shock can be useful to spur me into action.

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