Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Library Loafing

Yesterday, I dropped Little Bird off at swimming training and decided to spend the next hour in our local library, until it was time to pick her up again.  It was nice to have a mooch along the shelves and leaf through as many books as I wanted.  I tend to stick to the aisles of the craft/decoration/design books, but sometimes a book in the New Books display will catch my eye.  Although I looked at quite a few, I only borrowed a couple on this occasion. 

One was this book about life as the proprietors of the highest and one of the most remote pubs in England.  If you live in Yorkshire, or are a regular visitor to the Yorkshire Dales, you'll probably know the pub in question.  I couldn't resist this book, as it reminded me of the time we walked across the moors to it on one Dales holiday, hoping to get a meal when we got there, only to have to make do with peanuts and a drink.  Funny now, but not so then.  Typical townies!  We loved it though, as it had a roaring fire and a sheep roaming around the bar.

The second book I borrowed was this book by stylist Selina Lake.  I've read lots of blog posts on various blogs singing the praises of this book and it's author.  Having taken a look at it, I can now see why.  It's a beautiful book focusing on decorating using pastel shades.  I'm not a great fan of pastel shades myself,  but leafing through this book, I could definitely be won over.  What I like about it is that it shows you how to use just touches of pastel colour or big swathes of it with everything in between.  It is full of beautifully styled interiors with flowers definitely featuring in a big way in most of them.  I shall enjoy perusing this book at my leisure with wine glass in hand (a full one hopefully)!


  1. super books to leaf through

  2. great books !!!! i like the book from selina lake!
    have a nice evening,

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. The Selina Lake book is a great book, especially if you like eclectic interiors.