Monday, 30 June 2014

June Round Up

June has been a much more favourable month financially than the one that preceeded it.  For some reason, I didn't feel compelled to rush out and spend money as soon as I had it in my account.  In fact, I took it steady this month, didn't go on many shopping sprees (save at the charity shop and one towards the end of the month) and just kept myself occupied doing other things instead.

There were a couple of indulgences such as the aforementioned buying of a few items of clothing from a charity shop and treating myself and Little Bird to new swimming costumes.  Mine was to wear at Center Parcs, as the ones I had didn't seem appropriate (a little too revealing - more suitable for the beach in very hot weather), but it will also be useful year round.  Little Bird's was purchased because she has been accepted by the local swimming club and now goes training with them at least twice a week.   I don't feel too guilty for this purchase, as it means she always has a clean costume available.

The non-charity shop shopping spree was at TK Maxx where I managed to get a school bag and trainers for Little Bird for secondary school, plus a few bargains for Christmas presents, that will be stashed away until the time.

I paid off my usual £100 from my overdraft and even managed to put aside an extra £30 in savings, which was a first for me.  I didn't, however, do so well on the no spend days.  I was aiming to reach 50 and be at the half way point of what I wanted to achieve for the year, by the half way point in the year, but only managed 46, so I need to do a bit of catching up in the next few months.

I completed the £100 Per Year Beauty challenge this month and managed to keep within the £100 budget, which was very satisfying, especially after my dismal failure on the Household challenge.  I also donated two month's worth of food to the local food bank as I hadn't managed to make a donation last month.

Some free workshops in my local borough helped to keep me on track this month, as they diverted my attention from shopping and spending money unnecessarily, by keeping me occupied on a couple of days.  I did spend a few pounds on some candle wicks, some leather pieces and a few other bits for some future craft projects, but the sums involved were pretty small. 

The majority of my budget has gone on food and household items, and paying off my credit cards.  It's been a good month.  I am very much looking forward to July, as it will include our annual holiday, but it is by no means going to be an inexpensive one.  We're heading to Southern Italy all being well and there may be a few small necessary purchases required before we go, although these are unlikely to be clothes for me, as I have far too many already.  I may treat Little Bird to a few new items of clothing for the holiday, as she grows out of her clothes quite quickly and they need replacing, but I won't be able to tell until I start the packing, so it may be a last minute affair.

In addition,  July signals the start of the summer holidays from school and I will need to put aside some money for Little Bird's new secondary school uniform.  If I can spread the cost over the next two months this will make life a lot easier, as there will also be additional things to buy in August before the new school term starts (although not many now).  I also need to get my hair coloured and cut which is more expense, so I don't expect July to be a frugal month.  How's your budget looking for July?


  1. Starting secondary school is always expensive x

    1. Little Bird will get quite a shock when she has to wear a proper uniform every day. It will be nice to see her looking smart to go to school though.