Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Great Household and Cleaning Challenge - Month 7

This month hasn't been too bad on this challenge, but I was hoping to spend less, because I'd bought this month's toilet rolls in last month's budget and thus make up a bit of lost ground.  It didn't quite work out like that though.  I spent £9.55 this month.

The overall total now stands at £116.22/£125 with 5 months still left to run so I'm desperately running out of funds.  Unless I find an alternative and free source of toilet rolls (back to the old newspaper? - not likely), this challenge will soon be coming to an end, but I'm determined to eek it out to the bitter end, which will definitely be sooner rather than later. and thank goodness for that.

This month's spending was on the following:

Kitchen Roll x 4 - £1.39
Disinfectant - 30p
Washing Up Liquid - 59p
Matches x 3 large boxes - 99p
Black Bin Liners x 20 - £1.49
Toilet Rolls x 4 £1.79 - With visitors arriving this weekend I needed to top up.
Laundry Liquid - £3 - This was a bit of a bug bear, but I finally succumbed to a branded laundry liquid after trying to wash some muddy jeans twice with the soap nuts and them still not coming clean.  Even one wash with the branded laundry liquid didn't do the job in a full wash, so I'm putting them in on their own to try to get them clean.

To be honest, I have struggled for the last six months with various cheap laundry products and not been particularly happy with their effectiveness, so I finally decided I'd had enough and bought some branded laundry liquid, with the added bonus of it having a lovely fragrance.  I know there are many arguments, ecological and otherwise about using products with less chemicals, but I just wanted something that did the job well.  I'm still going to use the soap balls, as they are good for washing less heavily soiled items, such as clothes that need freshening, rather than cleaning, but for things such as towels whereby it is nice to have a fragrance too, I'm sticking to branded laundry liquid from now on.  If I've learned nothing else from this challenge, I have learned the value of this.


  1. Aldi do a non bio gel which I find is both cheap and gets clothes clean. Although I haven't had to try it on mud, the football kit cleaning is long ago now and I think the last team used to have it laundered!

    1. Thanks for the tip, although I don't know where the nearest Aldi is to us. I may try the non-bio in Lidl though which may be similar.