Monday, 24 March 2014


Sunday, we had a lovely day doing just as we pleased and doing the jobs we needed and wanted to do.  I started the day off by having a long lie in as I had slept badly the night before and wasn't at my usual class as it was fully booked up.  I laid in bed reading a book which I'm really enjoying, until that is, I saw that it was nearly 10 am and thought I'd better get out of bed and do something useful. 

Once up and about I caught up on a bit of housework and some online reading and then later we headed out.  Me to the allotment in the car and OH, Little Bird and the dog on foot to the same destination, where they met me later.  The plot wasn't in too bad a shape after I'd tidied it up a few weeks ago.  A few things had gone to seed so I removed them and dug up some weeds from the foot paths, which I now need to cover with weed suppressant fabric and wood chips.

I was pleased to see that some salad seeds I'd sown on my last visit were germinating,


and the onion sets were sprouting. 

When OH got there, he put my First Early potato tubers in for me, as I never quite plant them right when I do it.  I didn't buy as many this year, so we just created one main row and some short off shoots.  It felt good to tick that one off my to do list.  Especially as they'll be inspecting the plots in the next week, to make sure they've been cultivated.

When we got back, we had some lunch and then I spent the afternoon catching up on some blogging, and watching a couple of TV programmes I'd recorded, whilst OH and Little Bird went for a swim.  Later, I took the dog for a walk and then after supper had a lovely soak in a nice hot bath.  I always treat myself to this after a visit to the allotment, as it helps gets the soil out from under my fingernails.

I do love an easy going Sunday.


  1. Sounds lovely. Nothing like a good soak to get the soil off.

    1. Yes, sometimes it's just got to be done I'm afraid.

  2. It sounds like the best kind of day! For me a good Sunday either involves a long lie in or a long first light walk with the whippets ... either will do :)