Monday, 17 March 2014

Sorting and Sifting My Wardrobe - Part 1

With the advent of some warmer spring weather I felt inspired to tackle my far too cluttered wardrobe and see if I could give it a good sort and sift.  I remember doing this last year as spring approached.  I needed to put some winter things away until next year and make room for the spring/summer clothes I keep in storage over the winter, as well as get rid of anything I'm just not wearing anymore or no longer wish to keep.  So, on Sunday night I started the process.  Here's a picture of my wardrobe, full of autumn/winter clothes. (Apologies about the quality of the photograph, it was taken in artificial light)

I must admit that I do have quite a lot of old favourites in my wardrobe that I just don't like parting with, but I think there comes a time when you do just have to say your good byes and move on.  At least that is what I'm telling myself, to help me be a bit more ruthless this time around.

I used to shop quite a lot in charity shops for clothes and have bought many an item that I have had good wear from.  Some items, however, very rarely see the light of day and it is these items that I am going to try to focus on sending back to the charity shop.

I do seem to have an abundance of jackets, most of which never get worn for one reason or another, lots of skirts that I used to wear more, but haven't worn so much this winter, many of which I still want to keep as they fit well and I find them very comfortable to wear.  There are a few, however, that don't fit so well and I'm afraid it's time to say au revoir to these.

Many of these items I have now packed away until next autumn, as they are quite heavy and unlikely to get worn from here on in, others I am keeping in the wardrobe, as they are a little more versatile and I can wear them over the summer too.  I'm looking to reduce the amount of clothes and shoes I put in seasonal storage, as I've noticed in recent years that the amount has increased, causing the storage bags and suitcase I use to store them, to clutter up other parts of the house.  Something that I'd like to resolve if possible.

There was one particular vintage dress in my wardrobe (pictured above), that I bought on eBay a  few years ago.  I've been thinking about this dress for quite a while now.  It's a beautiful dress with a striking print.  It fits quite well but I don't like how I look in it and as a consequence I just haven't ever worn it and I'm not sure that I ever will.  I am seriously considering seeing if I can sell it via our local vintage shop, which stocks lots of similar items of clothing or alternatively even use the fabric to make something I will wear.  It is such a pity for such a beautiful fabric to hang unused in the wardrobe when it could be worn and enjoyed.  I must admit that I am verging on the latter approach and trying to think what I could make with the fabric.

An hour later and I have a bag full of things to send to the charity shop, a pile to go into storage and I'm almost finished sorting through the winter clothes.  Here's what the wardrobe looks like now.

Lots of lovely empty hangers. 

Next on the agenda is getting out the summer clothes storage bags.  There's two of them, plus a  large suitcase that I keep on top of the wardrobe.  I'll post again when I've sorted through all of these items.  It usually involves a lot of trying on of the clothes to check they still fit me and that I still like them and want to wear them.  Wish me luck


  1. Empty hangers = trips to charity shops! lol! I have just taken a box of gardening books to the mobile library so am well on with my DIY project!

  2. Well done you. Keep up the good work. The hangers aren't empty any longer unfortunately, as I've put my summer stuff in there, more later.

  3. I need to do this too - have made a start with two tops ironed ready for the shop !
    One winter I wore skirts & boots a lot... but not this past winter - strange !

    1. I got into wearing skinny jeans this year and lived in them, but I'm going back to my skirts a bit more now.

      Someone told me this morning that it's going to get chilly again next week so I may have been a bit premature!