Thursday, 20 March 2014

Charity Shop Tales 15

Today, I had to head out into our main local shopping street, on account of picking up my shoes and boots from the shoe repairers (they look great, but did cost even more than I expected) and because I needed to visit the Post Office.  Whilst out, I decided to treat myself to a little look in a couple of my favourite charity shops. 

In the first, I didn't have a lot of money in my purse (£3.50 only), so I didn't buy much, but I couldn't resist this book by Plum Sykes to add to my reading pile. 

I also spotted this little Knitting Pattern Book,

which has some very sweet patterns in it to make cushions.  On leafing through it, I particularly liked this cute spotted one

and this sweet heart cushion.

Finally, I bought this unused piece of Arthur Sanderson fabric with a tropical bird print. 

I thought it was lovely.  I have a bit of a tendency to collect Sanderson fabrics that take my fancy.  Anyway, all three came to £2 in total, so I was very happy to purchase them.

I then moved on to my other favourite charity shop, which is not far from my home.  This shop accepts cards for purchases over £5, so I had a good look around to see if there was enough to interest me, to make it worthwhile using my debit card.

I found a few items of clothing I liked, but after trying them on, three out of the four didn't really look too good on.  This Next jacket appealed to me, however, possibly because it was grey and white striped, the right size (more or less) and was brand new with tags still attached.  It seemed perfect as a summer jacket, that I can just throw on when it's too chilly to go without one.  It was priced at £8, but I noticed it was originally £45, so I didn't mind paying this for it.

The next couple of items I bought, I couldn't believe my luck.  They were in a box underneath one of the dress rails along with some other similar items, pieces of leather to be more exact.  I had a good look through and decided to buy two pieces.  This large one, which is a reddish brown, slightly darker than the photos suggest and big enough to make a handbag! 


It cost just £1.  After watching the contestants sew with leather on Tuesday's Sewing Bee, it seemed an opportunity not to miss.  The second piece was a lot smaller and unfortunately, where the sticker is attached to the leather, this part is not usable, as the sticker has marked it, but there's still enough to make a small zip purse and maybe a pair or two of earrings and a cuff bracelet.

It's very thick though, so I would probably have to sew it by hand.  This piece cost 50p.  Both were definitely worth buying.

Last, but not least, whilst at the counter I had a look through some buttons displayed in a basket and decided to buy these two cards to add to my stash too, at just 30p each card. 

I was really happy with these purchases and very pleased that I'd popped in.  I'll let you know what I make from the leather, when I eventually get around to using it.


  1. Great finds ! Wow the leather looks great.

    1. I know, I was really excited to find it. I'm thinking of making a zip fold over clutch bag with it. Just need to get a needle for my machine now.

  2. Great shopping! I love the buttons. Some people question why we bother bagging up buttons and selling off cuts of fabric but they always sell when the price is right.

    1. I love buttons. I think it stems from playing with my mum's button tin as a child.