Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Making Things Last

Whilst sorting my wardrobe the other day I came across an old favourite pair of black suede shoes.  (Please excuse their dusty appearance and rather grubby looking inners.)

I haven't worn them so much this year, firstly, because I haven't worn skirts very often and these shoes are great to wear with a skirt, and secondly, because of this split in one of the soles.

I bought these shoes at a jumble sale or charity shop for just £1 and they are one of the most comfortable pairs I've ever had.  Just the right height (I don't get along too well with high heels and find ballet flats just too flat that they aren't actually flattering) and a quite wide fitting, so no nipping or rubbing.  They are one of the only pairs of black shoes I own, so are really useful as a consequence.  They may not be the most fashionable pair, but I really like them and all those 80's styles are sneaking back into fashion these days.  I remember wearing tassled loafers as school shoes and they're all the rage again.

Anyway, as I don't yet want to part with them, I thought I'd take them to the shoe repairers and see if there was anything they could do.  As I paid so little for them, and enjoy wearing them so much, I don't mind paying to get them repaired, even if it costs up to £10, which it invariably does, because I couldn't buy another pair for that money.  I had them re-heeled last year (I did it up north where it was a little cheaper), but this time around I'll have to get them repaired here. 

I must admit that I really enjoy going into the shoe repair shop.  They always look incredibly busy with lots of shoes in various stages or repair.  It's encouraging to know that people are making the most of their belongings and looking after them more carefully these days.  I like to watch the guys working whilst I'm waiting, it reminds me of the old cobblers shop in our village growing up as a child.  It used to fascinate me.   I loved the smell of the glues and the leather and watching the cobbler attach the heels and soles to the shoes.

I also found another pair of brown suede boots that I thought I'd try to get repaired.  Again, these are an old favourite pair, super comfy, a sort of cowboy boot style with a low heel.

They're great for throwing on when I need to take the dog for a walk around the park.  The problem with these, is that they have a moulded heel and not one that can be removed and replaced, so I'm not sure if they're salvageable.  I could hear a rattling sound when I was wearing them the other day.  Turns out lots of small pieces of gravel had got up through the small hole pictured and into the heel itself and were rattling around as I walked. 

Time to get them repaired I think, if I can that is.  I'll get back to you and let you know how I got on.

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