Monday, 6 January 2014

Sunday Afternoon at the Homestyle Salon

Sunday afternoon I decided that I needed a little pick me up, so I spent a couple of hours on myself doing a little bit of desperately needed beautifying.  It's not a common occurrence for me, as I never seem to find the time or inclination to do all those essential things such as shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows, but heading back to the gym that morning made me think, was it really fair to expose my hairy calves to the other people in the class? - definitely not - so I set to.

The eyebrows were long overdue a tidy up and were getting a bit bushy.  A sure sign of self neglect.  I'd meant to do them after I'd had my hair cut and coloured before Christmas, but just never got around to it as the run in was so busy.  It felt good to get them thinned out though, as it always gives ones face a bit of lift.  Cheaper than cosmetic surgery and expensive face creams too.

Next in line were the nails, toes and fingers.  Toes hadn't been painted for a good few weeks as I just didn't get around to it.  Not a bad thing as they got a rest from being varnished and as they were hidden in socks or tights all over Christmas, no one saw them anyway.  Fingernails had the chipped remnants of Christmas nail varnish on them with  some China Glaze glitter varnish on a couple of them.  (I was trying out some of Little Bird's Christmas presents.  You can tell she's going to be more high maintenance in the beauty department than me.  Not sure where she gets it from.)

I started with the toes, using a lovely new Boots No. 17 nail varnish I bought in a set with 8 others, half price in the sales.  At £6 for 9 small bottles, and some great colours, I just couldn't resist treating myself.  In the end I kept only 5 of the colours and the other 4 I'm putting in Little Bird's Advent crackers next year, as they aren't really colours I would wear.  Anyway, I digress.  The colour I chose to wear on this occasion was called LOVE.  Great name.   It's so pretty and fingers and toes were suitably adorned with it.  It's a kind of candy pink with a slight purple hue.  Just the right side of girly and not too in your face.  I love it.  Here's a quick snap of it on. 

It took a couple of coats, but I think looks pretty good although my nails aren't the best.  A 70p treat and it has rocked my day.

I felt so much better after spending a bit of time on myself.  I think I might try and do this more often.  Sunday is a good night for it as you can start the week with newly painted nails.  Perhaps I'll add this to my New Year resolutions.  I'm kind of getting a feeling of deja vu here.  I think I might have failed this one last year.  Never mind, I'll have another go.


  1. Oh I love that colour. Glad you enjoyed your well deserve pamper time


  2. How lovely. What a nice boost even if you don't manage it every week.
    I spend so much time putting on prescription lotions at the moment & would love something pretty !

  3. The nails have chipped a bit since then, but even a few hours feeling better groomed is a nice change.