Friday, 3 January 2014

Make Something Every Month Challenge 2014

This year, I've decided to set myself the challenge of making something every month of the year.  By this, I mean actually complete a project, be it small or large, a newly made item or an upcycled one.  This can be made by any method including sewing, knitting or some other craft/skill.  It could be items of clothing, home linens, accessories, storage solutions, decorative items, cards or gifts and I preferably need to make them without buying any materials, so that I utilise materials I already have at home.

Part of the reason for this challenge is to get me making more, ideally doing more dressmaking, as there's been a bit a drought in this department lately, and the other reason is to use up some of my collection of fabrics, which is currently sat in storage boxes in my sewing room.  To be honest, I could do with a few new and interesting items of clothing in my wardrobe, which is looking a bit lack lustre at the moment. 

I haven't got many specific projects in mind as yet, although I would like to make a double quilt/eiderdown for our bed and some new cushion covers and table runners for our reception rooms.

I made quite a few things in 2013 and by way of a recap, here's a few pictures of some of my favourite homemade or upcycled projects from last year.

A pencil skirt I made with some vintage fabric.
This was a laundry basket I made for Little Bird's room from some leftover plastic coated cotton fabric and an old frame.  It is such a useful item for helping to keep her bedroom tidy.
A brooch holder upcycled from an old plastic gilt frame.
A hand sewn patchwork cushion cover inspired by attending a patchwork workshop.
A blanket box upcycled using one of my favourite vintage Sanderson fabrics.  Since this photograph was taken it has been finished off with some co-ordinating braid around the lid.
One of several jersey snoods I made myself.
A machine sewn eiderdown/quilt made for Little Bird.  She loved this.
A Christmas stocking for Little Bird.
My hand sewn lap quilt.
So, here's to making in 2014. 
As this month is going to be busy due to having to file my tax return, I made a start on January's make last night by cutting and pinning together the front and back fabric pieces for a simple reversible table runner, to cover a blanket box in my living room.   Now I just need to sew the back and front together, turn out and sew up the end, then iron.  I'll post a reveal when it's done.


  1. Some great makes here. I love the jersey snood.

  2. Thanks Penny. Hopefully some more favourites to come this year.

  3. Someone's very talented. I often think about learning to become a dressmaker as I struggle to find simple dresses at times and I often just want to replicate what I have in my wardrobe!


    1. I must admit I often use the same pattern over and over if it is one that I like. A simple pencil skirt can look totally different depending on the fabric used.
      Sadly, I've not done much dressmaking for a year. I used to do a few courses where I had a tutor to help me if I got stuck on something new to me. I lack a bit of confidence doing it on my own sometimes, depending on the complexity of the pattern.