Thursday, 9 January 2014

A(nother) New Handbag

Whilst out shopping in the sales this Christmas I managed to find myself a new handbag.  Well, OH treated me to it, which was very kind of him.  Anyway,  my current red handbag, bought from the same store, TK Maxx, had lasted all of 8 months before the zip broke and the lining started to develop holes in it which is very annoying.  Minutes can be lost when things slip through and you have to rummage around for ages to find the hole and then recover the lost items.  Normally I would repair the lining and carry on using it, but as the zip had gone too and seemed to be beyond repair, I started to look around for another one. 

To be honest I've used my previous bag constantly for 8 months and at times put an awful lot in it, so I'm not surprised about it's demise.  I did really like it as it was nice and slouchy, but hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy a bit more life from it as I'll be sending it to the charity shop.   I might be a bit overly theft conscious, but I like to be able to zip up my bag, especially in crowds, to avoid being victim to pickpockets or opportunist thieves, which is a risk especially when out and about in London.

I'm hoping the new bag's lifespan will be a little longer than the previous one, but was pleasantly surprised at the price considering that it is leather.  It's a little smaller than my previous bag, but I'm hoping this will limit the amount of stuff I carry around with me and reduce the resulting back ache.  It has adjustable straps too which I always like in a bag, so I can wear it on my shoulder or across body, and it has plenty of internal pockets for bits and pieces.  Here's a few photos.


At £34 I thought it was a really good price.  Lets hope it lasts the course.


  1. Thanks Penny. It is nice to have a leather one. I just hope it lasts a bit longer.