Monday, 2 September 2013

This Weekend...

We spent our first weekend at home for over a month and it was lovely.  I'm not complaining, as we had a lovely holiday and it is always nice to go away for the weekend and visit relatives, but we really needed to spend some time at home and catch up with some jobs around the house, garden and allotment.

We all went to the allotment first thing on Saturday morning.   Other Half and Little Bird walked the dog in the park and went to the little café on the canal, whilst I tidied up the plot and harvested a month's worth of produce.

When we got home it was bacon sandwiches for lunch, the lawn got a trim and the garden tidied a little.

A couple of my subscription magazines arrived on Saturday morning, namely Grow It with free winter leaves seeds inside and Prima with a free pencil skirt pattern inside.  That was a nice treat.  I think these might be the last so I will have to tot up my clubcard points and see if I've got enough to renew my subscriptions for free next year.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent catching up with online bits and pieces, creating a few posts, reading others and just generally pottering and chilling out at home followed by a takeaway fish and chip supper as a treat.  Just our kind of day really.

Sunday, started in our favourite way with a trip to the gym.  Little Bird had her gymnastics training, OH a session in the gym and me a dance aerobics class.  We just need a doggy gym session that the puppy can attend and we're all catered for.

When we got back we wandered up to the local market at the top of our street.  It was great to just mooch around and have a coffee in one of the local cafes.  We've not done this for ages. 

I treated us to some almond and fruit slices.  They were a bit like bread pudding we were told, but made with leftover Danish pastry dough from the bakery.  Don't worry we didn't eat a whole one each, we cut them in half.  The were pretty tasty and at £1.50 each I thought quite reasonable.

I also treated myself to a wrap around grey bracelet for a few pounds from one of the stalls and then it was back home for a lovely salad and a read of the Sunday papers.

Later we made a quick trip to B&Q for some fencing and stone slabs to dog proof bits of the garden and put in a stone path where the lawn is being worn away, a roast dinner followed by a bit of patchwork whilst watching Vera on TV and that was our leisurely Sunday.

I almost feel ready for the school term to begin.  Just a bit of last minute shopping and we're there.  I'm determined to enjoy these last few days of freedom with Little Bird, before the school routine starts up again.  I did read in the paper this morning that certain cinemas are issuing ear plugs to parents taking their children to see the new One Direction movie which we are planning on going to see, on account of the screams to be heard.  At least I know what to expect now, I might take some just in case.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Ha Ha earplugs for One Direction !

    What a lovely weekend. The Danish fruit & almond slices look divine.

  2. Sounds great! I have spent a couple of days getting together some of my favourite recipes. Tonight I am cooking sweet and sour chicken - the Slimmingworld way!

    1. Sounds yummy, I love a good sweet and sour and if it is low in calories all the better.