Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Jolly Jumble Sale

Now I know I was trying to stop bringing stuff into the house, but yesterday there was another Jumble Sale at our local Hospice.  I really enjoy attending these so couldn't resist popping along. They are quite well known in our borough and always attract hundreds and hundreds of people, filling shopping trolleys and bin bags with clothes, bric a brac, shoes, linens, etc.

I always enjoy looking out for vintage linens and fabrics.  Sometimes I also buy a few clothes or shoes and other bits and pieces too, depending on what takes my fancy.

Today I managed to fill a couple of shopping bags with stuff, which was a bit extravagant for me, but I only spent £25 or so and it all goes to a very good cause so I am very happy to part with it.  Here's a few examples of what I bought.

First stop as always was the linen stall where I bought a candy striped cotton sheet and three matching frilled pillow cases.  I love these as they remind me of my childhood and are good quality cotton so always feel nice to the touch.

I also bought a very pretty single sheet and pillow case which was an old Marks and Spencers one, which will either go into my bed linen collection or I may use for patchwork fabric.  It has a lovely ditsy print.

I bought two lovely matching grey and black paisley cushion covers too, which I may use for the fabric, plus a few other small items.

I paid about £5 or £6 for all of these items including this brand new spotty H & M shower curtain still in it's packaging, which cost me £2.

Moving on, I found a few bits and pieces in the scarves bin.  A couple of pure wool and cashmere scarves which I hope to use for a patchwork wool blanket, a lovely woolly snood from Top Shop with the tags still attached and a lovely grey woolly bobble hat by John Rocha.  I paid £2 for all of these items.

I then went upstairs to where they sell slightly more upmarket brands of clothes and shoes where I found a leather belt for £1.50 and a lovely pair of leather heeled sandals from Aldo for £4.  I know it is coming up to autumn/winter, but these were such a flattering style and great price that I couldn't resist them.  There's always next summer to wear them.

I had a good mooch around the book stall, but there weren't really any books I fancied reading.   I did pick up a couple of travel guides for the Netherlands and Naples though as we're hoping to visit Amsterdam at some point in the near future and OH has always wanted to spend a holiday in Southern Italy so who knows, maybe next year.  I also got a book about succulents and cacti as I fancy growing a small collection.  All three books cost just £1.

My last visit was to the sewing/knitting stall and the jewellery stall.  I bought a lovely black beaded necklace for £1.50 and a pretty floral leather cuff bracelet for 10p at the latter.  I was particularly happy about the black necklace as I had been debating buying a not too dissimilar one from Phase Eight for over £30, as I really wanted a nice statement necklace.  The great Cosmic Supply Company came to my rescue here for definite.

On the sewing stall I found a lovely uncut pattern for a pencil skirt with small pleats in the front for 10p, plus a small pair of knitting needles for 10p and two balls of lovely Jaeger tweed merino/alpaca wool for 50p each.

Finally, before going home I picked up some bone handled butter knives, a small wooden spoon and 1L Pyrex measuring jug (I've needed a decent sized one for a while now) all for £3.50.  I was very happy with everything I bought today and further inspection when I got home didn't involve any disappointments. 

The next jumble sale will be at their Xmas Bazaar in November.  I will definitely be heading back there to see if there are any more bargains to be had.


  1. I think you did really well here especially the paisley fabric necklace and gorgeous sandals.
    Pyrex always sells well at the charity shop.
    Tupperware lidded containers sell well too.. yesterday we filled one with water for a couple on a walk with their dog to take with them !

  2. I'm always forgetting to take water with me when I walk the dog in summer. I've now got one of those water bottles that folds out into a little bowl. It's really useful when I remember to take it that is.

    I was pretty happy with what I bought. I just need to find room for it all now or get rid of some stuff to make room which would be a better idea.