Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sale Shopping with La Redoute

I had a major lapse from my Spend Less September last week when I got an email offering me £50 off a £100 spend, sale items included, at La Redoute.

For anyone who has never heard of La Redoute, they are a French Mail Order/Online Fashion company.  I used to buy quite a few things from them for Little Bird when she was small and when they have a sale they fantastically reduce things so that you can get some very good bargains.

Although I wasn't supposed to be spending much money this month there were a few things in the back of my mind that I needed to buy before the winter sets in.  One was a winter coat for me, one that is quite smart and that I will enjoy wearing.  I managed last year wearing mostly jackets and layering up, but I wanted something warmer this year in a longer length, but that was also smart for wearing about town.

Another item on my list of things I needed to get was a pair of winter boots for Little Bird.  I had bought her a nice pair of leather shoes for school but when the really cold weather comes, nothing beats a nice pair of boots and the ones she'd been wearing for the last couple of years had finally given up the ghost.

In addition, I wanted to get myself a new swimming costume, as the one I used to wear a lot had somehow perished in places, during our visit to the US and I had to throw it away.  I do have another one, but it is rather plunging (excuse the pun), not the sort of thing you'd wear to the local pool.

With all of these things in mind, and bearing in mind my self-imposed financial constraints whilst trying to pay off my credit card, I thought I would take a look on La Redoute's website and see if anything fitted the bill.

I struck pretty lucky all things considered.  I ordered this coat in Navy.  It is 60% wool and I paid around £33 for it.  I'm just hoping I like it when it arrives now.  I read the reviews which were generally good.  There were some sizing issues and mixed reviews of the fabric itself.  In addition the buttons were found by a few people to have a tendency to come off, so I might have to re-sew them on if I find this a problem.  Nothing too off putting though.

I also ordered these boots for Little Bird.  They needed to be black for school.  These are suede and cost approximately £25.  I'm hoping she will like them.

This swimming costume was also ordered for me, although I know I will NOT look as nice as this in it.   This cost approximately £13 and is a body sculpting one.

These leather and suede ballet flats were also ordered for Little Bird, which I think cost in the region of £10.  These can be worn for both school and more special occasions such as parties, discos, going out, etc.

I also bought a couple of other items, one which is going to be a birthday present for someone in the family if it arrives in time and the other something for next summer for me which wasn't essential but was very nice and a great price.

The full total including £4 postage came to £95 or thereabouts which is a bit of a big lapse, but hopefully will be well worth it if it sorts out most of mine and Little Bird's winter wardrobe shopping in one hit.  Fingers crossed.  I did add it to one of my credit cards of course, but intend to pay it off in full when the bill arrives.

If you are in the market for some new clothes this winter or you want to get some things for next summer in the sales, do check out their website and take a look for yourself.  The reviews on there can also be very useful when deciding which size to order, as you can get a good idea whether things come up large or small.  I found them really helpful when I ordered quite a few things for the summer for both myself and Little Bird earlier this year, and as a consequence of reading them, I didn't need to send a single thing back.


  1. I used to order from La Redout when Jess was little. I will revisit as I really like all the items you've ordered.
    Your coat looks very smart & I love the boots & pumps for little bird.

    1. I generally find them really good quality. I bought a pair of tan leather brogues of theirs from a charity shop for £4 and they are one of my favourite pairs of shoes.

  2. I get this delivered - the blue dress is one I have noted!!!!!!!!! (The one on the inside flyer!)

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry, if I've encouraged you in bad habits, but if it's good value sometimes it's worth it. I couldn't figure out which dress it was you've ordered, but hopefully you might post it. I've seen a couple of things in the winter catalogue but I'm waiting for another good deal and a time when I've got some money to spend.