Friday, 27 September 2013

£100 Expenditure Per Year Beauty Challenge - Month 3

Another month gone in the £100 per year beauty challenge, where I aim to spend less than £100 per year on toiletries and beauty products and instead try to use up all of the items I have in my stash, instead of buying more products.  This challenge was set by El at A Thrifty Mrs blog and I have been joining in.

I've been a little more careful this month in terms of spending on beauty products and have actually come under budget (just) for a change.  I should be spending less than £8.30 per month to keep on budget and for the first two months I have overspent due to hoarding a few more items when I saw them on offer.  This month, however, I've managed to avoid doing this and have spent only £8.20.  Some of this expenditure was, however, unusual and unavoidable as you will understand as you read on.

Spending included:

New Toothbrushes x 3 £2.50  - This was due to a stand off with a rat in our bathroom, which scrambled around the shelves.  I had to replace our new (as it happens) toothbrushes as I couldn't bear the thought that the rat might have touched them.

Shampoo 250ml x 2 £3.50 - I bought 2 bottles of my favourite Pantene shampoo whilst they were still on offer.  In fairness I was coming close to running out of shampoo so included these in my Approved Food order and they should keep me in shampoo for a month or two.

Nail Varnish Remover Pads x 2 £1 - I bought these from Primark as my nail varnish was so worn off that it needed removing and I thought I had run out.  I then realised I still had some left when I got home.  Silly me.

Nail Varnish x 1 £1 - A slight indulgence in Claire's Accessories.  Bought in the sale to make up five things for £5.

Tesco Firm Hold Hair Spray x 1 70p - I can't manage without my hairspray and it ran out on the last day of the month.

Total Spent - £8.20

Total spent so far this year (3 months) -  £28.75 - Still overspent but hoping to get fully back on track next month.  As you can see from this month's expenditure list, I haven't pared it back as much as I could have, but I'm getting better on this score and hope that as the challenge progresses I get better and better at this.   It takes a while sometimes to properly kick a habit you've had for a while.

I have, however, this month decided to try to stop buying shower gel for the moment, as I have so many soaps to use up.  As a consequence, we are going back to showering and bathing with soap for a while, to get the stash down.  (I've currently got at least 15 or so soaps to use up.  I'm also trying not to replace things as soon as I use the last one from my stash, but wait until I've nearly run out altogether.  It's great to see the places I normally store all the products very slowly getting a little emptier as I'm using things up and not buying more.

I did also get a free 30ml tube of  hand cream from the Body Shop this month, using a voucher I downloaded from a Miss Thrifty's blog, so my stash did grow a little as a consequence, but it didn't cost me anything which is good.  Although small, the hand cream smells divine and a little goes a long way too.


  1. Must admit when I was teaching I always had a good stash of toiletries as presents from my class as I always told them I disliked chocolate (allergic to it) Can't wear nail varnish because I always have my hands submerged in something earthy or crafty, don't wear make up except when we go out and I put some slap on as hubby calls it. lol! I buy Asda reduced bath stuff - 24p same for shampoo. Use it to wash the bath too. lol! Will check out the challenge.

    1. You should be able to complete it easily if that's the case and it will take care of your stash into the bargain. I must admit I don't wear a lot of make up or paint my nails that often, so I'm not finding it too difficult as yet.

      Check out my other household challenge though. I'm fairing a lot worse in that one. I'll be posting about it in a couple of days.

  2. Okay. By the way are you on Facebook?

  3. I love those hand creams that look like paint tubes ! We get a lot of half empty hand creams at the shop & can't sell them so out them out for staff to use.
    I have to use prescription face wash & hand cream but I do love Liz Earle moisturizer & sheer tint.

    I rang to re order the other day & do believe I spoke to Liz herself. We had a lovely natter about getting lost !

    1. How lovely to speak to the lady herself. I remember when she used to do a slot on Morning/Breakfast TV. She seemed like a lovely lady.

    2. The lady I was speaking to commented on my address & getting lost while driving up from the West Country. I'd read she lives in Cornwall & the company is based on the Isle of Wight & afterwards I thought, That was Liz Earle !

      Winchester markets blog date set for December 5th x

    3. Thanks for letting me know the date. I'll check out trains and get back to you.