Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Loving on TV at the Moment

I don't watch a huge amount of TV, but I do like to sit and relax in front of the TV of an evening for a couple of hours whilst sometimes doing a bit of patchwork.  As autumn approaches, the choice of viewing has magically improved somewhat and I am finding a few great programmes to watch.  My current favourites are:

Monday 9pm BBC Two  -  Robert Peston Goes Shopping 

I watched the first episode of this series last week and it was really interesting.  It traces the development our nation's shopping habits through the centuries to where we are at present, whereby shopping has become an addictive leisure activity and debt has become the norm in modern life.  I really like his style as a presenter.  No nonsense, telling us like it is.

Sunday 9pm ITV - Vera (Series 3)

I can't resist watching this great series about a Northumberland detective played by Brenda Blethyn.  Although she can be a frustrating character to watch at times, I find myself becoming more and more fond of this stubbornly independent female detective.  Brenda Blethyn is particularly superb in this role.  This is definitely my current favourite for Sunday evening viewing.  My only complaint, however, is that it finishes at 11pm and gets my week off to a bad start as I can't get out of bed on a Monday morning after staying up to watch it.

Saturday  BBC 1 - Strictly Come Dancing

Yes, I'm afraid I'm a Strictly fan and can't resist watching this on a Saturday evening much to the chagrin of OH who makes himself scarce for the duration.  Although it hasn't officially started proper yet, I'm looking forward to following my favourites from week to week.

Wednesday BBC 4 - Harlots, Housewives & Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls
I do love a good history programme and I'm not frightened to admit it.   I loved watching an episode this series last week.  I must admit I do find Lucy Worsley's infectious enthusiasm for presenting history draws me to watch many of the programs she presents.

There's also quite a few new dramas starting I have noted, but I haven't actually found the time to watch most of them so I'm probably missing quite a few good current programmes from this list.  Is there anything on at the moment that you are really enjoying?


  1. We watched Robert Peston last night. Was very interested in one of the Tesco chairmen (former) avoiding answering the question put to him that independent retailers were closing down as a result of the Tesco domination. Tonight it will be Great British Bake Off - just love the drama, last week had the incident with the wrong custard! Wallis and Gromit written all over it..."The Wrong Custard!" Later tonight it will be a bit of Sarah Beeny and house improbement.......however all this could change if hubby has his way and in that case it will be the programme on "Born to KIll" a documentary about the Butcher Brothers then some motorway police. (See if we are on lol) Not too worried as due to change in weather we will be in the snug - and I can operate the recorder...but whatever we are the more factual viewer never watch soaps.

  2. I noticed him stumbling around that question too. Like you I rarely watch soaps. I might catch Emmerdale or Eastenders once in a blue moon. I like the Bake Off too, as does Little Bird. The wrong custard was a classic moment. He took it really well I thought.