Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Last Surface Mail Posting in UK for Australia Looming

This post is just a gentle nudge for anyone who has relatives abroad in  Australia and sends presents to them at Christmas. Having a sister who now lives with her family in Australia, I usually send a box of confectionery over to them every Christmas and Easter.  The Cadbury's chocolate there is not quite as yummy as ours here, due to the anti-melting ingredients added because of the heat. 

As a consequence, I fill a box with Cadbury's chocolate bars and treats of various types and send it off as a taste of home.  I'm doing the same this year and didn't want to have to send it Airmail as it can work out quite expensive, so I checked out the last recommended surface mail posting day on the Royal Mail's website the other day and it is 30TH SEPTEMBER. 

Here's the link for anyone interested. 

I've missed it several times and there is nothing more annoying. If anyone out there needs to post any presents long haul, you need to get yourself organised this week and get them sent off to save some money.  In addition, the last Airmail recommended posting date is 5th December if you need to send any cards. 

It can be a little precarious sending confectionary through the post, as one year I found out to my cost when a box got infiltrated by mice, which was a bit disappointing.  I've made sure I've sealed all around the box well with packaging tape and it is addressed and ready to go.  I've just got to make the effort to go to the post office now.


  1. I used to be so good at getting overseas cards off on time. Now it's probably an email greeting.

  2. It tends to be an email apology from me for them not getting there in time. I've got no excuse this year.