Sunday, 15 September 2013

Charity Shop Tales 11

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, as I am trying to get out of the habit of charity shop shopping for the moment, mainly because I'm trying to snowball a credit card, but on Saturday afternoon after popping into the main shopping area where we live, Little Bird and I got off the bus just outside of one of my favourite charity shops on our way home, and I couldn't resist dragging her in there for a little look around as I'd not been in for a couple of months.  I had to look back a couple of months in my posts to get the correct number on this post, which confirmed it was exactly two months since my last visit to this shop.  Some habits do die hard and in this instance I was glad they did.

Anyway, it was pretty busy in there so I started by looking at the books and sewing patterns and gradually made my way around the shop.  There were a couple of great little sewing patterns for dog jumpers and coats, but our puppy was a bit too large for them and anyway just wouldn't tolerate wearing any such things so I didn't waste my money.  Besides, I do already have a coat for her if it does get exceptionally cold this winter, that is just waiting to be put on her. 

Little Bird, after initially complaining, also had a good look around too and found a couple of things she liked and which I bought for her, namely an NY baseball cap £2 and some shorts £1 (to wear over leggings, as is the fashion with many youngsters these days).

I came home with a bag of autumn/winter clothes.  I found a lovely plaid wool mix dress by Gap for £5.  It had dropped off the rail and I only found it when I looked in the box of fabrics it had fallen into. Kismet.

I also bought a tweed wool mix skirt from Berketex £3, I do love wearing tweeds, plaids and tartans in the winter,

a pair of bright green skinny jeans by M&S £3 (I was surprised when even Little Bird liked these).  I've been looking for a pair of coloured skinnies for a while, but haven't liked any that I've tried on.  These, however, didn't look too bad on and for £3 I was happy to give them a go, although I'd have preferred them in burgundy.

I also got a couple of bits of fabric, one an attractive purple print waxed cotton that I might try to make into a skirt for next summer,

and another cotton that might be useful for quilting.  Both cost £1. 

Finally I picked up a couple of pretty embroidered cotton and lace hankies, still boxed for £1,

as I do like a proper handkerchief, although I often forget to put one in my bag and then when I do I usually lose it.  I just need to find myself a winter coat now and I'm set for the autumn/winter as I'm pretty happy with what I have in my wardrobe and don't really need to rush out and buy lots of new items.  I think I might make some instead.  Has anyone else had a good shop in a charity shop or any other stores recently?


  1. The little grey dress is sweet - a good find.

    My wardrobe door fell off last week & the whole wardrobe collapsed while Jess & husband tried to put the door back. They had to empty everything ( I was in the bath chuckling away while this was all going on ! ) It made me have a good sort out and the charity shop did well out of it !

    I got a lovely red chord M & S coat last year at the shop which I love.

    1. Sounds like the bath was definitely the best place to be whilst all that was going on. I bet you had an extra long soak. I definitely would have. I hope it's all sorted now.

      I like M&S, their clothes are good quality generally and last well. I like their sizing too. I haven't been in for a while though.

      Your coat sounds nice. I always find red is a very empowering colour. If I feel a bit below par putting on anything red (especially lipstick)can make me feel a bit more confident.

  2. I LOVE charity shops. I MUST have a wardrobe sort out and take a bag to the charity shop - and find some winter additions. I LOVE my skinny jeans = jeggings I think they are called. Will probably live in them this winter.

    1. These are called 'The Jeggings' from M&S. If I enjoy wearing them I might actually buy a pair in burgundy if I can get them or at least put some on my Christmas list.