Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Project Pan Update

Holiday over, I thought that I'd do a quick update of my Project Pan challenge, whereby I took lots of samples and products I'd been using for a long time and tried to use them up whilst away.

Quite a few samples got used.  I finished off most of the perfume samples.  The Accorelle wet wipe type perfume samples came in especially useful to freshen up on long hot days out and the small glass vial samples were also easily used and carried in my handbag.

With regard to the sun cream samples, the tube of SPF 50 La Roche Posay facial sun cream, although not a natural product, was great for wearing under makeup in the Florida heat and got completely used up.  The sample of Accorelle SPF 30 face gel, however, wasn't so successful, as although it did work as a sunscreen, it made both OH's and my face sting when worn and it couldn't be worn under makeup either, so I couldn't honestly recommend it.  I may, however, use it up on some other part of my body that is less sensitive.

On the make-up front, I'm still working on finishing the Body Shop Lip butter, Clinique chubby stick and red M&S lipstick, which will take a while yet to use up.  Similarly I am continuing to use up the two concealers and mascara, but I did manage to purchase the new mascara as hoped in the US, to use once it is finally finished. 

Surprisingly, the remainder of the tube of Nivea tinted moisture fluid lasted me the whole of the holiday and was thrown away rather than bringing the miniscule amount left home with me.  I still have several natural and other brand samples left to use, before I buy a more natural replacement for this.

The face mask didn't get used on holiday, but I'll use it up at home sometime.  The Yes to Cucumber eye gel, however, I did finish and was very happy to do so, so I can start a new eye cream I had already purchased before we went away and which I  will hopefully be able to wear under makeup too.

The numerous small sample face creams were used as eye make-up remover cream and worked really well for this purpose, as I had previously found them to be a little too greasy for my skin type as a moisturiser.  All but the body butter were used during the holiday and the empty containers brought back with me, to use for making home made lip balms at some point in the future.

Finally, I did manage to use up most of the shampoo and conditioner samples both before and during our holiday.  There are a couple left to finish using, which I will use as soon as I can.  More importantly, I ignored the samples from the hotel rooms on our trip, as they weren't very 'natural' and I didn't want to keep or use them just because they were 'free'.  Let someone else who wants to use them do so.  I did use some of the hotel soaps for hand washing whilst away though, thus saving my organic soap bar for use in the shower.

It felt quite good to use up some of the samples I've accumulated over the past six months and although there are still quite a few left to use, I feel that the project was quite successful overall.  I'll post again at some point about my next Project Pan challenge, once I've decided what to use up next.

Here's a few pictures of the samples I have left from this trip, to use up now that I'm home.

Tinted moisturisers

Shampoos and conditioners

Body butter

I'm gradually working my way through them and I'm sure it won't take long to finish them.  Do you have any beauty products or samples that you need to use up and could incorporate into a challenge?


  1. You did very well using up all the samples that you did.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. The next step is to stop acquiring them in the first place.