Saturday, 26 September 2015

Another Give and Take Day

Saturday finally dawned, the day of the Give and Take event.  I couldn't wait to load up the car and take the pile of stuff that has been sat in the sewing room for 2-3 months, and donate it.  I was breaking into a sweat loading up the car with the effort of carting the boxes and bags down the stairs.

Eventually, car packed up, LB and I set off and managed to find the event venue.  It was a bit tricky to park nearby, so we started off carrying things from the car which was parked quite a distance away. Eventually, we gave up on that idea and I pulled the car up outside the venue, on double yellow lines with hazards on and took a couple of minutes to offload the boxes before finding a parking space and going in.

By the time we got it was probably 10 - 15 minutes after the gates had opened and everything had definitely been well picked over.  It was good to see though that lots of the things there were finding new homes.

We do always like to take a look around and this time was no exception.  Not a lot caught my eye though, just a couple of books,

a map of Northern France

and some paper sacks for taking garden waste to the tip.

I have a tree in our garden that I need to cut down very soon and these bags will be perfect for taking the branches to the tip.  An added advantage is their recyclability.

I do enjoy taking things to these events as it is good to see people taking them and giving them a new life in their homes and if I can pick up a couple of small things that I can use, then even better.

Now that most of the pile in the sewing room has been removed (save for clothing and a few collectables that I am taking to the charity shop or clothing bank) I will happily have room to get on with the work I need to do in there.  Win Win.

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