Sunday, 7 September 2014

One Week One Pattern 2014 - Day Two/Three

Day two of this challenge and the skirt featured is one I made with this grey, embellished synthetic fabric bought at a local fabric shop.  I can't remember how much it cost me.  Not a great deal. Possibly £4 or so.  One meter of fabric is usually sufficient to make a skirt in my size using this pattern, if the fabric is a wide one, but for a person of a smaller frame, it would take even less.  This makes it a firm favourite with me, hence why I have replicated it in several different fabrics.

I particularly like this fabric as the ribbon embellishment adds some texture and interest to what would otherwise be a very plain garment.  I have styled this skirt with a slouchy burgundy top from Primark (worn back to front as I like the striped effect to the front), burgundy tights (not shown) and leather Oxblood loafers for a casual day look.

For day three of this challenge I have styled the following outfit around another skirt that I made with this Butterick pattern in this lovely bold African print waxed cotton fabric.  I bought this fabric from a local charity shop for £2 or something similar and there was just enough to make this skirt.  The pattern isn't perfectly matched at the back, but is done as well as I could with the amount of the fabric I had. You'll notice once again that I have made this skirt without any of the ribbon embellishments you can see on the pattern.  With this print, I didn't think it needed any further embellishment and I find adding trims quite fiddly and not really my style.

I have styled this skirt for day wear by teaming it with three quarter length black leggings (not shown),  a black  t-shirt,  pink scarf and pink Addidas pumps (bought in Italy this summer).  This is another casual day look for walking the dog, out and about running errands, shopping, etc.  You've probably started to see a pattern emerging.  Yes, slouchy t-shirts and scarves.  I'll try to vary things as much as I can, but I must admit to wearing this style of clothing on a regular basis.  Please note I will be styling this skirt again for an evening look later in the week.

Joining in with Jane of HandmadeJane in styling an outfit a day for a week, based around an item(s) made from one pattern.


  1. How funny - I too was talking about leggings over on my blog just a few seconds ago! Great minds and all that eh?

    1. Hi, I had a look on the website and they look fab. I bet they'll be so lovely and roasty when the weather gets colder.

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    1. Hi, thank you for stopping by. I've left a comment on one of your blog posts. I will enjoy following your delightful adventures in France.