Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Few More Small Sewing Projects

Following on from my bookmark making at the weekend, I decided to have a go at making some fabric key rings for myself and to give as gifts.  Now I know these will probably not be the most sturdy type of key ring you can have, but they were fun to make, cost nothing, brighten up any bunch of keys and if they do disintegrate, well, I can just make more.

I didn't actually have any rings to attach them too, so rather than buy any I decided to thin out my own bunch of keys, which seemed to have far more than was actually necessary attached to it.  By doing so, I managed to glean these three rings and got to work.

Whilst making a key ring for myself, I also decided to make myself a matching cheque book cover, as my cheque book tends to get a bit dog eared and shabby looking, being carried around in my handbag.   I'd seen some for sale on Etsy, but thought rather than buy one, I'd have a go at making one.  I chose as sturdy a fabric as I could find, settling for a grey wool fabric sample.  I acquired quite a few of these samples from a fabric warehouse I used to visit a couple of years ago.  They were throwing them in the skip and told me I could take as much as I liked.  I just took a couple of bin bags and then detached all the wool samples from the sample books, so I could use them for projects such as these.

The wonderful thing about wool, apart from the fact that it is beautiful quality and a natural fabric, is that it is very forgiving.  It quite often hides mistakes, doesn't fray easily and edges can be left pinked when making small items like this.  Otherwise to turn things out can cause them to look bulky.

Anyway, here's the cheque book cover and matching key ring I made for me.  I made up the pattern by cutting around the cheque book itself.  I used some bee print ribbon I'd bought a while back to embellish the both of them.

The final two key ring rings I made were these two, which I think are quite sweet.  I may make a few more as Christmas stocking fillers.  I may need to order some key ring rings after all!


  1. Very cute.

    I'm just trying to remember the last time I wrote a cheque.

    1. I know, OH says the same thing. I have to write one for one of my credit cards, as my account doesn't allow me to pay it online.