Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Freebies, Frugal Measures and Frugal Fails 12

It's been an expensive month this month, what with starting a new job and having to pay for things that I wouldn't normally budget for. i.e. bus fares, clothing for work, etc. This has led to a number of frugal fails this post, but I'm taking it on the chin as next month, I will be able to adjust the budget to account for these expenses.

Frugal Fails this post are as follows:

1) I went further over on my personal budget this month, to buy a reusable water bottle that would fit into my handbag, for taking to work. (I only had a large one).  It has been very useful though, as it is incredibly hot in the sorting room at the shop, despite numerous fans going, so it has been helping to keep me hydrated. I never usually drink much water, save for at the gym, so it's making me drink much more, which is a good thing.

2) I also went over on my Misc. budget on account of paying out over £ in bus fares to work this month.  Luckily, I think there was some room in the budget, which should still allow me to pay as much off my overdraft as I wanted to this month.  I'll know better by the end of the month.

3) The Household budget got busted on account of my having to place an order with My Pure for some natural toiletry/skincare products that I'm running out of.  I needed facial wash, dental floss and concealer, but threw an eyebrow gel and a face cream into the basket too, as by doing so, I got the facial wash for free and they will be needed at some point in very near the future. I haven't stocked up like this recently, but I figured it will save me from having to place another order for the next couple of months.

Frugal Measures and Freebies

1) I got the free natural facial wash as mentioned above, by ordering an extra couple of items I use regularly from My Pure.  The whole order was also subject to a 10% discount with a voucher code, which saved another £3 or so.

2) I used another Tesco £4 off a £30 spend voucher on groceries this week when doing the weekly shop.

3) I got a print out of my journeys to work, just to check how much I'm paying each day in bus fares.  I was happy to see that one day, the card reader on the bus didn't charge me for my journey both ways for some reason, so I got a free day's travel.

4) I received a dividend pay out on one lot of the shares I bought a few months ago.  Not a huge sum at £11.90, but it was more than I would earn in interest in the bank and it will go towards buying some more shares in a different company, when I've collected enough money in the account.

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  1. Good job on the frugal saves. I have noticed that the months I go over budget on certain expenses averages out in the long run.

    God bless.