Monday, 24 July 2017

Flylady Monday

Today, was one of the days that I don't usually work, and after having a pretty lazy day yesterday, I decided that I'd better pull my finger out and get some Flylady cleaning done. 

This week I was working in Zone 5, which is the Living Room and I also needed to complete my Weekly Home Blessing, so after attending a class at the gym, then taking LB to get her fringe cut and after watching a couple of Flylady videos to motivate me, I knuckled down and actually got ahead of myself for a change.  I did this by cleaning the living room, dining room and hallway, as next week, whilst we're away, it will be the turn of the dining room and entrance hall and I didn't want to miss this zone cleaning out altogether.

It probably took me about 3 or so hours in total, which is a fair amount of time, but it felt good to get it done, as it means that when we get back from our housesitting in Yorkshire, it will be the turn of Zone 2 (the kitchen) and I can get straight on and do that. Besides, I don't like going away and leaving a dirty house behind, although it might be a bit dirty again by Saturday.

I'm working tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday this week, as I need to do all of my hours before we go away on Saturday. On Thursday, LB is meeting me in town, as I need to put her on a train to Yorkshire, where her Auntie or Grandma will pick her up at the station.  She's going up early to spend a couple of days with her cousins before they go on holiday. I'm a bit nervous about letting her travel alone, but she's got a first class ticket on a direct train and I'm going to put her on the train myself and ask the first class hostess if she'll keep an eye on her. She's pretty independent and sensible, so I'm sure she'll be fine.

The week we get back, she's heading off with some friends for a few days, to stay at their Grandma's house in Hampshire.  I'm pleased that she's busy with her social life and not bored this year in the holidays, especially as I'm working this summer, but I'll still  miss her while she's away. I know she'll have a great time though.

We have a family holiday planned for August, when we're going to France for a week, during which OH is competing in a cycle race.  We've hired a large house with an indoor pool and a large garden, so it should be relaxing and apart from food, petrol and taking the ferry, the accommodation will be our main expense, which means it shouldn't be a particularly expensive holiday again this year.

By the time we get back from that holiday, we will be into the last week of the summer holidays and it will be a mad dash to get everything we need for her going back to school.  It's amazing how fast the weeks go.

Here in London, the summer exodus has started already and it's great.  Traffic is manageable and the streets near where we live are virtually empty.  It's amazing how many families completely decamp for the summer.  We're not complaining though, as it makes getting around a whole lot easier. I like London during the summer holidays.

Anyway, I'm going now, to do the last job on my list before I'm back at work tomorrow, namely the ironing.  There's not a lot, so it shouldn't take too long.  I'll post again soon.


  1. I am just back from holiday and straight back to work so I am looking at all the jobs facing me on my days off at the end of the week! I am enjoying the easy trip into town to work in the morning because our traffic is so light now school is out - 6 weeks of bliss - the town centre is quiet too for the moment. Your french house sounds great - do bring us some pictures back - we loved our french holidays and found the Gites we stayed in to be of a high quality.

    1. It always surprises me how much traffic schools generate here, especially when there is such good public transport and catchment areas for good schools are so small.

  2. We have started to take our holidays in the fall now that the boys are grown and on their own.

    Good idea about getting ahead on the cleaning.

    God bless.

  3. Eventually, when LB goes off to university we will probably do the same as it will be much less expensive.

  4. It must be so nice when the schools are off- no parking or traffic issues- or at least less!!

  5. It must be lovely having that period where things are just that bit more quiet. What we lose in school traffic we gain in visitors, not that I'm complaining, it's good for the local economy!