Sunday, 2 July 2017

Donated - June 2017

After the mammoth amount of donations I accumulated last month, mainly whilst doing the zone cleaning, this month, I was not really expecting to find anywhere near the same amount, but I did my best regardless.  The following are the items I did manage to declutter this month.

1. Slightly chipped, but still very usable Pyrex casserole dish - surplus to requirements.

2-5. Four unwanted items from OH's wardrobe - donated or recycled for rags.

6. One wool jacket belonging to OH - donated.

7-19. Thirteen books from the dining room - donated.

20-21. Two handmade quilts that I no longer wish to keep.

22. One recipe book - no longer needed.

23-24. Two silicone ice cube trays - replaced with more appropriate ones i.e. moustaches and penguins replaced by regular cube shaped ice cubes - a touch wasteful, but definitely more grown up and the donated ones will hopefully be useful to someone else.

25. One book donated from those in the kitchen.

26-27. Two more books - one read, one I don't want to read.

28-29. Two magazines - read.

30. One pair of flip flops.

31. One balsa wood aeroplane model - OH's!

32-33. Two jigsaws.

34. One book I'm never going to read.

35-36. Two school shirts recycled for rags.

37-50. One electronic Leap pad reader in carry case with 12 books and cartridges.

51. One battery operated remote controlled children's car.

52-53. Two packets of seeds (free with a magazine) that I'm not going to use.

54. One magazine - read.

55. One cushion cover.

56. One pack of fragranced drawer sachets - I used the matching drawer liners and they smelled very unpleasant to me, so I don't want to use these.  Someone else may like the smell though.

The final figure for this month was 56 items, which added to last month's running total of 492, means that at the halfway point of the year, I've managed to declutter 548  items, so I'm currently on course to meet the 1000 item target, that I set myself to declutter this year, if I can keep up the momentum that is.


  1. You're right on target, well done!

    I've had a great time decluttering too. To look at my house you wouldn't think there was much surplus but the more honest I am with myself the more I find to get rid of.

    1. Good for you. No your house doesn't look cluttered, but I guess there are always places that we all squirrel stuff away to, never to be seen or used again.

  2. As soon as I get rid of stuff we seem to receive more! Are you able to send magazines to the Charity Shops?

    1. I'm not sure about that. We don't really sell them in ours, but some may accept them. I sometimes just take them to the GP surgery for patients to read whilst waiting. (They soon go missing from there!)