Friday, 7 July 2017

Fortnightly Flylady Update

Well, it's been two weeks since I did a Flylady Update post and a few things have happened in between posts. The main thing being that I was offered a temporary part-time paid job for the charity that I've been volunteering for, which I have accepted. I don't know yet what bearing this might have on my keeping up with the Flylady system, but it will be a good test.

Two weeks ago, I posted about it being the turn of the Master bedroom to be zone cleaned. I was then intending to clean out the linen cupboard, which I did manage to do one evening.  Nothing really then got done for a full week in Zone 5 (the living room), as I couldn't muster up much enthusiasm for it and the excitement around going for a job interview distracted me completely from the task in hand. I did, however, carry out my Weekly Home Blessing over the weekend, so at least that got done.

Anyway, on Monday this week, whilst still waiting to hear whether or not I'd got the job, I figured I'd best get on with it, as if I did get the job, I might nt have time later in the week. (I knew they wanted someone to start asap) By this time, cleaning in Zone 1 had come around again, (the dining room/second reception and entrance hall) so I decided to just knuckle down for the afternoon and cleaned both within a couple of hours. (They are adjoining rooms).

It was just as well really, as the call saying I'd got the job came soon afterwards.  To celebrate I went out into the garden and tidied up my veg beds, harvesting the remaining lettuce to last us through the week, planting out some tomatoes and marigolds and clearing away the petit pois which had gone over. I intended to go to the allotment too, but didn't have enough time, so that got done later in the week.

After watching Flylady Diane's video the other day, I realised that due to the beginning of a new month falling last week, two zones needed to be covered, so I'm a bit behind.  This week we are back in the kitchen or Zone 2, so I'll be trying to do some work here in my free time this week.  I managed to clean the cupboard fronts and patio door windows before heading off to work the other day. I still need to  clean the inside of the windows above the sink and the window sills, as I've been spraying the fruit flies again (which leaves a residue) and then just cleaning worktop surfaces for this month. I'll try to do these jobs when I do my Weekly Home Blessing on Sunday. I was hoping to defrost the freezer, but there's too much food in it still, so I'll have to wait until I can get everything eaten down.

Now my house is in better order, through using the Flylady system, I feel much better prepared for returning to the world of paid work, so I'm very grateful that I did all the Flylady cleaning when I did. Maybe it even brought some opportunity my way, who knows.

Whatever happens, I'll keep you posted about how things go.


  1. I think that once you have gone through the Flylady system a couple of times, you are pretty much caught up and can get away with a lick and a spit for awhile.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, I agree, it does kind of possess you, so hopefully I'll be able to continue with it if only to a less in depth extent.

  2. Hello Ann, after reading about flylady on your blog I have been reading quite a bit on their website & watching some of the videos. Thanks so much for the referral as I find it most inspiring & helpful. Thanks also for the lovely comment you left me over on my blog & your very kind words. xxx

  3. Hi Julie, I'm pleased that you are finding the Flylady system inspiring. I am still really enjoying using it and feel that it helps me appreciate and take much better care of my home.

  4. The flylady system sounds really useful! Should I try it maybe?