Thursday, 20 July 2017

Allotment Update

As promised I thought I'd post an update about the allotment. I haven't really visited much in the last two weeks, due to starting my new job. I did manage one visit to water and harvest, but other than this I didn't do any work on the plot.

As a consequence, when I visited on Sunday afternoon the weeds had started to grow back with abandon in places. After harvesting any crops that were ready, I decided that it was time to do a bit of work and spent a couple of hours removing the weeds. I managed to get half way around the plot in that time, which wasn't too bad.  Here's a picture of how the plot looked when I left. The side I dug over is on the right.

The other side of the plot is more densely cultivated, so the weeds aren't as abundant, but I did go back to tackle them today and cleared most of them.  I also sowed salad and fennel seeds into any gaps that had arisen.

Here's a picture of the vegetables I harvested on the initial visit on Sunday:

(Please excuse my very muddy boots and leopard print hareems! - Strange gardening attire, I know)

 and the vegetables harvested today:

I have to admit that we're struggling to eat everything, so I desperately need to defrost the freezer to be able to store some of it.

I've now harvested the last of the early lettuce crops both at the allotment and at home, and although I've sewn more, none of it is really anywhere near ready to harvest.  We have one more week here before we go up to Yorkshire for a week to housesit for relatives, so I might just be able to make what we have last until then and hopefully when we get back some more will be ready.


  1. I've started giving rhubarb away as have so much !

  2. The allotment looks very nice. What a great harvest you have there.

    God bless.

    1. The only problem is I can't eat it fast enough and need to get the freezer defrosted to store the surplus.

      I have tried giving excess crops to neighbours in the past but I'm not sure that they like me to pass the excess onto them, so I'm not doing that this year.