Saturday, 1 July 2017

Freebies, Frugal Measures and Frugal Fails 10

This week's Frugal Fails included the following:

Hooray! There were none that I can think of. ☺

Frugal Measures and Freebies this week included:

1) I bought myself a new ironing board cover online in the John Lewis clearance sale. At £6 it was a bargain. Only trouble was, I paid £3.50 for postage, as I didn't want to spend £30 for free click and collect or £50 for free delivery and I didn't want to visit the mall either which would have cost £3 in bus fares, unless I went on my bike of course. (but if it wasn't in stock it would have been a waste of effort)  It still came in less than the price I was expecting to pay for one (i.e. £15), so I'm pretty happy.

2) I used the £5 credit balance on my business credit card to buy a few groceries in the last week of the month. It came in very handy to tide me over, besides, it's not like they'll be paying me interest to be in credit.

3) Whilst at the Give & Take at the weekend,  I received a free sample of a product called Sugru which is a mouldable glue a bit like Playdoh that dries hard and can be used to repair things.  It comes in various colours. We picked the one called mossy green which almost matches the paint in our kitchen. There's lots of different ideas for things you can do with it on their website and in the booklet that came with it. An interesting concept.

4) More free seeds - unfortunately, two of the three I'm unlikely to use so I'm donating them.

5) I used a £3 off a £30 shop voucher at Tesco this week.

6) I had a nightmare commute home from the CS the other evening when a freight train broke down on the line, preventing all trains getting through.  As a consequence, I had to take a tube and another train to get home and when I got out of the station it was raining hard and I got soaked.  Luckily, the Big Issue seller outside  the station provided me with a plastic bag so I didn't get my bum wet.  A very kind gesture from a very nice man.

The consequence of all this was that my journey cost more money and I didn't want to pass the cost onto the CS, so I asked to be recompensed by London Transport, which they did.  I won't hesitate to ask again in the future if I face disruption again.

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  1. So frustrating to have a horrible journey home after your good work at the shop.