Saturday, 4 February 2017

Weekly Roundup

Another week has flown by, and although I try not to rush and stress, I just can't seem to understand where the time goes.  As previously mentioned in yesterday's post, it's been another eventful and quite an emotional week, as it was my friend's funeral midweek. I took the day off from the CS, in order to go with a couple of friends from the gym. It was tough and tear filled, but it was always going to be.

LB also had her parent's evening this week, so one night was spent talking to all of her teachers. The feedback was very encouraging, however, and we were proud of her efforts at school.  She is just coming up to choosing her GCSE options, so it's an important time for her.  She's made her decisions and the teachers seemed to reinforce that they were the right ones for her, so we were pretty reassured.

On Friday night, on my way home from the CS, I met LB at the opticians, where she was attending for her eye test. She needed a slightly different prescription, so is getting a new free pair of glasses on the NHS. (Thank you NHS) Whilst waiting to go in, I enjoyed trying on a few pairs myself. I found quite a few new styles that I liked, which got me thinking about when I needed an eye test (I've been going to a different optician).

When I got home and looked it up, it turns out I was due one in December, so when I pick up LB's new glasses next week, I am going to book myself in for a test, with a view to getting a new pair of specs.  The frames I saw were just £39 which was reasonable, but this doesn't, of course, include lenses or the eye test itself.  It will probably be more like £100 all in, so I will try to arrange it for March when my finances will allow.

In other news, I scored some bargains in M&S the other day whilst collecting an order for some new underwear for LB.  They had the remnants of their sale, which by now were very heavily reduced and there was a box full of birthday cards, many of which were either 9p, 19p or 29p. Diehard bargain hunter that I am, I just couldn't resist and for £4.71 I bought 29 cards, (some of which were quite fancy) which should keep me going for at least 3 years. Luckily, LB has lots of friends' birthdays to buy cards for and who doesn't need birthday cards to send to people throughout the year. (Despite signing up for Jackie Lawson e-cards this year, there are still people I need to send a paper card to, as they don't have email addresses or I don't know their email addresses)

Talking of birthdays, I had a couple of presents to buy for upcoming birthdays this week, so I placed a small order with the Book People.  In order to spend enough to qualify for free postage, I treated myself to another book by Marie Kondo called Spark Joy, which I am looking forward to reading.  A couple of books on the order I am giving as Christmas gifts next year, so a bit more early Christmas shopping was completed. There won't be any more done this month though.

Next week, I'm working at the CS for three days again, as the manager is on holiday for the week. It should keep me out of trouble, so long as everything runs smoothly and there's nothing in the shop I feel compelled to buy.

With everything that has gone on this week, I forgot to book my classes at the gym for next week and they are now all booked up, which is very frustrating. I'll have to keep checking for cancellations or it will be a very slack week on the exercise front. If the worst comes to the worst, taking a break might be a good thing.

I hope you guys have had a good week.


  1. Too bad about the gym classes. I hope you manage to find a cancellation or two.

    Hooray for the good talks with the teachers. I am glad LB is doing well.

    God bless.

  2. Great to have a stash of nice cards tucked away. I hope we get better weather next week so you can get out for walks as missing your classes x