Monday, 13 February 2017

This Weekend

This weekend has been a mixed one.  On Saturday I took it easy in the morning, enjoying a weekend lie in reading my current book, doing a bit of housework, emailing my sister in Australia,reading blog posts, etc.

In the afternoon, OH was keen to go to the Zaha Hadid exhibition at the Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park.  As it was the last weekend of the exhibition, we took the car into town to take a look.   It was pretty busy. I guess that many other people must have had the same idea. The exhibition itself was free and was very interesting, so was worth heading out for.

We took the dog with us, leaving her in the car until we'd come out of the exhibition, and then we took her for a walk around the lake in the park.  We stopped off for hot chocolate, as it was perishing cold.  Stupidly, I'd not put enough layers on and it did affect my enjoyment a little.  It was good to get out and about and into town though, despite the awful traffic. It's something we should do more often really.

On Sunday, we had our normal stay at home kind of day after our regular gym classes/cycling and doing the weekly food shop at Lidl.  I tackled the two week old pile of ironing and got it all done and put away in between catching up on YouTube videos and creating a couple of long overdue blog posts. Just the kind of Sunday we like really. Nothing special, but lots of down time just doing our own thing, getting ready for the week ahead and spending as little money as possible.

The week ahead is a busy one.  LB is off school as it's half term.  I've got a few jobs that I need to do with her through the week such as take her for a haircut and go to the bank with her to sort out her new bank account. I also still need to collect her glasses from the opticians as they are now ready and also attend my GP for a follow up about my high cholesterol.

We're not going away this week, but we have booked a bargain week away to Crete in the Easter holidays.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I've never been to Crete before, and it's always quite exciting going somewhere new. I'll be taking just a carry on again, so I might start packing early as I always do so that I can fit everything in that I need.  I like a challenge.

How's your weekend been?


  1. Remember to show us your finished packing. I would love to see if you manage to get everything for the week in a carry on. What do you do with things like toothpaste, and hand cream?

    God bless.

    1. Hi Jackie, I'll just be taking travel sized bottles and buying anything I can't get travel sized when I get there I guess. You've just reminded me what happened last year, as I took a carry on then too for the first time. I didn't realise you can only have one clear liquids bag to take through customs and I had 3. I had to share it out between us and throw some away which was a bit stressful at the time, but we managed to get through okay.