Saturday, 25 February 2017

Friday At Home

I'm starting to enjoy having Fridays at home.  I think that this is the second or third week running now that I've not been into the CS on a Friday and it makes such a difference to my week.

This morning, as previously mentioned, we took the dog to the vet for her yearly injections.  There were also a couple of things worrying us, one of which looked like a skin tag, but was in fact a tick that had burrowed it's head into her back. 

We took a look at it ourselves the other night and tried to cauterise it thinking it might be a tick, but didn't go too far in case it wasn't.  Anyway, it was dead already when the vet plucked it out, and we're hoping she hasn't caught any disease from the thing.

Horrible things, they scare me.  I can always remember pulling one out of my daughter's leg with tweezers when on holiday when she was little. Urgh! We're thinking of treating the dog with something to repel them, as on many of our walks, especially in summer, she runs through long grass and undergrowth.

Anyway, Friday afternoon was spent doing a few errands. I dropped some old dried up paint tins off at the tip.  I'd had a clear out of the paint cupboard when looking for some paint for a project.  Most of the old samples and some larger tins were beyond use, so I filled a bag with them and finally got rid of them.  I didn't manage to find any paint for the project I had in mind, so I'll have to buy some new paint next month.

I popped into Asda on my way back, as it is very near to the tip, and bought a few provisions for the weekend and beyond and then I called into one of our local charity shops to drop off a box and a bag of donations that has been sat in my sewing room for about a year. At long last the room is now almost looking normal again. 

There are, however, still a few things in there that need donating, such as the tea trolley and there's a bag full of family photos that needs sorting that I've been avoiding for two years. I am getting closer to doing it though, as I actually looked through a lot of them the other week for the first time in many years. 

This is why I need Fridays at home, to take care of long avoided jobs such as these. Whilst in the mood to declutter more this week, I've also been through my wardrobe and donated a few items that I hardly ever wear.  I felt a bit guilty, as some of them were ethical clothing that I've bought in the sales in last couple of years, but never wear because I don't like how they look on me. I just figured it was pointless to keep looking at them every time I open the wardrobe door and feel bad about not wearing them, so they're gone and someone else will hopefully benefit by getting an ethical bargain.

Finally, I also did a bit of a declutter of some more of LB's toys. I checked with her before putting them in the donation box though, just in case.  I also did a bit more decluttering and reorganising of the sewing room and threw out a moth infested wool blanket, that I'd been keeping to use for the wadding of a quilt, plus I put aside a few other things to donate.

Baby steps, but progress all the same.  I feel much better now going into the weekend.

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  1. This week I haven't been able to do much on the declutter front. However I did remove the bra I keep having to mend and now am on the search for a new one to replace it. I did get rid of a bunch of paperwork and old cards as well. Next on the list is to put all the family funeral cards and programs in the album.

    God bless.