Friday, 17 February 2017

A Better Week

I've had a slightly better week this week.  It's amazing what a difference having a totally free day can do and having LB off school meant that I could get some errands done that involved her.

The week got off to a good start on Monday. As there was just one class to attend at the gym, which incidentally was taken by a different teacher whose classes I love, some friends and I were able to take time out afterwards at a local cafe and catch up with each others news. This was the first time we've had the chance to do this so far this year.

I also got some errands done with LB in afternoon, including finally getting her some underwear that she liked and was comfortable to wear on a daily basis.  Result. We also managed to collect her new glasses from the optician and I booked an appointment for me to go for an eye test next month whilst we were there.

Finally, on Monday I also attended my GP about getting my cholesterol levels re-tested. Whilst there I booked an appointment to have some blood taken next week and then I'll ring for the results a few days after it's been done.

I'm currently thinking of changing my GP as we now live further away from the surgery and parking is a problem. There's a surgery a five minute walk away from our house, which OH has registered with, and I'm considering doing the same for LB and myself.  I collected some forms to set the ball rolling this week, so more items ticked off my to do list.

One fail, however, was that I couldn't get LB's school shoes re-heeled this week, as they were too far gone. I should have got them done before they got so bad. Anyway, I managed to order her a pair from ASOS using a £10 off voucher they'd sent me, which helped soften the blow.

I worked my two days at the CS on Tuesday and Wednesday, during which very little else got done as I just don't have the energy after a day in the shop. A new volunteer started work this week and I'm hoping this will mean I can go back to just two days per week again from now on.  We'll see what happens.

On Thursday, I did my usual class and then went out with LB to do some more errands.  We managed to sort out the incorrect title she'd been given on her bank account and got it corrected.  I deposited some change I'd been saving up for her and a cheque from cashing in her few premium bonds, into her savings account and we are now just awaiting a new debit card with her correct name on it so she can start using her new current account and get her pocket money paid straight into it.

In addition, on our outing on Thursday she managed to get her hair cut and completely restyled to incorporate a fringe where none was before.  She really likes it, despite having ignored my constant protestations that she should get it done.  As a consequence, she's going back to school next week a very happy bunny.

On Friday, we went out again to do a bit of top up shopping and I managed to find two very good value bikinis at ASDA of all places for our forthcoming holiday.  I'm hoping they last longer than the much more expensive one I bought from ASOS a couple of years ago, which broke on only the second occasion that I wore it. I haven't tried them on before writing this post, so they may need to go back yet, but fingers crossed they'll fit okay.

When we got back, I did a bit more digital housekeeping.  I finally transferred over my photo's from OH's laptop, so that they are all now on my new laptop and I can use them to list items on eBay and for my blogging, etc. I also managed to get blogging again which I've done little of this week.

Slowly, slowly things are getting done.  So long as progress is being made on a weekly basis I'm a very happy bunny too. How was your week?


  1. Gosh you sure did achieve Heaps this week Ann. Doesnt it just make you feel so much better when you can tick things off on the list that is permanently inside your head!!?? Wishing you a great weekend :-)

    1. Yes it does feel great to remove a couple of the things swimming round in your head and free your mind to move onto other long neglected tasks.

  2. You managed to get a great deal done over the week.

    I am sure you are looking forward to your trip to Crete and finding some bathing wear is wonderful. Swimsuits won't be out here for a month or two yet.

    God bless.

    1. I've tried them on since writing this post and they're a little big so I need to exchange them for smaller sizes, but at least I now know where I can get them.