Friday, 24 February 2017

A Lazy Thursday

After a late night and a not very good night's sleep on Wednesday night, Thursday was a bit of a lazy day at home for me. I got out in the morning with the dog for a bracing walk, thanks to Storm Doris.  It blew the cobwebs away though, so I'm not grumbling, and I found a £2 coin on our walk which was an added bonus.

When I got back from the walk, I decided to get straight on with my new investment venture, as mentioned in yesterday's post.  By lunchtime, I'd chosen the shares I wanted to buy and got it all done and dusted and I now just need to sit back and watch what happens.  It could be a bumpy ride, we'll see.

I just about remembered to ring the doctor's office in time, to get my cholesterol test results today, but no-one got back to me as the practice has it's half day on a Thursday, so I may get a call back tomorrow or maybe even next week now. (I had the blood test on Monday morning.)

I didn't do a whole lot in the afternoon as Storm Doris was raging and I didn't really want to go out anywhere unless I really had to.  It just wasn't worth it, so I stayed home instead. A few bits and pieces got done, but to be honest I wasn't in the mood to do much at all.

Later, after supper I had a class booked at the gym.  I hadn't been able to get into my usual morning class so booked a different class at 8.15 pm instead.  By the time it came around, I didn't feel much like going out, but I was glad that I did, as it was quite an energetic class with a quite new to me teacher.  (I've only attended one or two of her classes before, a long time ago) It made a change and I enjoyed it, but I will hopefully get a place in my usual class again next week.

I made sure I got an early night to make up for the night before and our heading out early today to take the dog for her regular yearly injections and health check at the vets. I've then got a few errands to run, that I didn't do yesterday and then another week will be over. Where do they go?

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to the weekend this week and I'll also be pretty pleased to see the back of February.  I'm starting to feel a yearning for our forthcoming holiday in April, maybe if I start to pack soon, it will make it come around a little quicker.

I hope you've all had a good week.

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  1. I am looking forward to the weekend as well. It means that this month is almost over and we probably only have one more month of winter.

    God bless.