Friday, 3 February 2017

A Very Sad Day

The other day it was our friend's funeral.  I wasn't looking forward to it.  The cards had been sent, the flowers ordered and we just needed to pay our respects and celebrate her life. A few of us from the gym went along. By a strange twist of fate, a couple of other people from the gym were waiting outside to attend the funeral that followed, not knowing that we were inside.

The service was very touching.  A bit of an emotional roller coaster, but some beautiful and fitting tributes were paid, which made us both laugh and cry. She would have liked that. I also learned lots of things I didn't know about her, which was lovely.

I came away with a lovely order of service, complete with some beautiful photos of her and her lovely family to keep as a memento. It's funny how death often throws up questions that you never took the time to ask when the person was alive and I'm quite a nosy, curious person too.

I managed to speak briefly with a few of her close friends and neighbours when we returned to her house for refreshments. Some lovely caring people, that have been supporting her partner and family. I felt reassured, as having never met him, I didn't feel in a position to approach him, but I did write a letter to express my deepest condolences.

Having met him, I can see that he was perfect for her in many ways, which in some ways makes it much sadder that their lives be ripped apart like this, but in other ways, I feel very grateful that she found happiness with him and I dare to hope that he will be able to cope, with the support and love he is receiving from the many people around him.

Life can be very cruel. We make plans, but fate/God often has other ideas.  All we can do is love each other, appreciate what we have on a daily basis and not sweat the small stuff.

RIP dear friend, you made a difference to many peoples' lives and you will be missed.


  1. Fate has a way of changing things. I know that I am a different person than I would have been had our daughter lived. Her death made me open my heart to all children, reach deep inside and find the courage to reach out to other children.

    God bless.

    1. It's very true Jackie, grief does change you and give you a different perspective of peoples struggles. It also helps you realise what is really important in life and what isn't.

  2. It's very touching what you have written here. So sad x

    1. Thanks Penny. She was such a special person and probably didn't even realise how many hearts she'd touched in her lifetime.