Sunday, 29 May 2016

Deep Cleaning Our Living Rooms - Part Two

In a final push before we pack and head off to Yorkshire today, yesterday I continued with the deep clean of the living rooms.  I'd started on the front room on Thursday after completing the back room and by 7pm when I finally gave up for the day, I had got about two thirds of the way around the room, so it was just a case of finishing off.

I'd pulled out every bit of furniture and given it a good dust, clean or hoover, and then hoovered and mopped the floor where it had stood and wiped down the skirtings, before moving each piece back to it's original place. I'd also washed all of the throws and cushion covers and just needed to iron them and put them all back on.

OH and LB were out all day at an event, so I had the house to myself, save for the dog and so I gradually made my way around the remainder of the room.

I'm very pleased with the results. These rooms should now stay clean until our guests arrive a day or so after we get back form our break.  I may need to do a quick straighten up when we get back, but nothing more.

After completing the living rooms, I decided to brush away some cobwebs from the outside of the windows.  Armed with a soft sweeping brush, I managed to remove most of them, making the front of the house look a lot tidier.  I then de-cobwebbed, hoovered and mopped the hallway too.

When we get back next weekend, I just need to clean LB's room, (where our guests will be staying) the bathroom and the do a quick clean and tidy of the kitchen before their arrival on Monday.

At least I can now sit back, relax and enjoy our week away, safe in the knowledge that the house is virtually guest ready, the bulk of the necessary housework and preparations having been done.

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend, everyone in the UK.

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