Sunday, 15 May 2016

Almost There

This weekend, as the weather was fine, our time was spent in the garden again.  OH bought 12 bags of lovely chunky bark mulch on Saturday morning, which cost about £60 in total and after a bit more fox proofing under the shed where they had dug their way into the garden, we were ready to lay most of the mulch on the paths that I'd previously covered.

Here are the beds with the mulch laid.

There's still the final  patch to cover and mulch, but we'll need to get a few more bags of mulch for that.

Whilst OH laid the mulch, I took the opportunity to sort through my little greenhouse and get it ready to plant some tomato plants into and sow some pots of seeds.  I sorted through every little thing in there and got rid of quite a bit, either to donate to the next Give and Take or take to the tip.  It looks a whole lot better and is now completely set up for the growing season.

I also decided to use some succulents I bought at a car boot sale last summer, to top up my pots, which were dying off. A couple of them still look a bit sorry, but I'm hoping they'll rally with a bit of sunshine. I made a new succulent/cacti pot from an old collander too.

We also recommissioned an old watering can with a split rose for use, by strapping the rose on with a cable tie.  It leaks a little, but I don't mind that, as at least the rose now doesn't fall off when you use it. 

Finally, I found an old disused recycling box with a net lid, that I've decided I'm going to use as another growing container.  I'm  not sure what I'm going to put in it yet, but I'll think of something.

Things are looking a lot tidier, but the final aerial reveal from LB's bedroom might be a couple more weeks away, when we finally landscape the last patch and make a seating area.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. It looks really good, I like how you're reusing things to make new plant containers too, really good ideas (that I will steal).

    1. Feel free. I never did use the net for my recycling bin, so I'm pleased to find a use for it after all this time to keep the cats out.

  2. Love your recycling ideas. Usually before I can even think of using something as a planter, Harvey has taken it off to the dump or thrown it out.

    Your garden is sure looking good.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. I'm looking forward to enjoying it now.

  3. Love seeing the progress x

  4. You are doing great job. I really like the mulch and wire covers. It is going to look great when everything is up and growing.