Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Half Term Break

Today, marks the start of the school half term here in London, and tomorrow we are heading up to Yorkshire for a week's break.  We're borrowing OH's parents' camper van/mobile home for a few days, for the first time, and we're heading off on a road trip over the North Yorkshire Moors and coast.

We're quite excited to be doing another camper van trip, our last one was in California/Nevada a few years ago. There's nothing like taking off, knowing that you have everything you need in your vehicle and you are completely self sufficient for a few days.  No having to stay over at other people's houses or in hotels and B&B's, we'll be like snails with our home on our backs. (You know what I mean!)

The absolute best thing about this, is that we can also stop off where we please and go for a walk or cook lunch in the van.  They're the best bits for me, that feeling of being itinerant and going where our whims and fancies take us and not being answerable to anyone or anything.

It should also be quite a frugal break this week, as we will stock up on food before we set off and cook/eat as we go.  We may have to pay a few site fees and parking fees and there will, of course, be the petrol to pay for, but otherwise, we shouldn't have too many expenses.

The dog will be coming too, so there will be no doggy care to pay for, like when we go abroad.  We miss her when we go away and she doesn't come, so we vowed to take more holidays in the UK, so that she could come with us.  It will be her first time in a camper van.  I'm sure she'll love it, because she just likes being with us and being out in the countryside.

One of the main reasons why we are economising and taking holidays like this, is because we're hoping to have some building work done on our kitchen in the next year, extending it into the side return to widen it. As a consequence, we are being as careful as possible, in an attempt to save up to pay for the work.

We will be visiting some relatives on route for the odd night, which will be good too, especially for LB, as she will get to hang out with her cousins for a while.

In the meantime, I'd better break from the day dreaming and get on with some more cleaning, so that the house is ready for our forthcoming guests when we get back next weekend.

I will try to blog whilst we're away, and do a photo tour of the van and our travels if I can, once we get settled into it. I will also be able to continue to read blog posts this week, as OH has bought us a new dongle to enable us to connect to the internet whilst on our travels.


  1. Ooh, adveneturing in a camper van. How exciting. Safe journeying.

  2. I loved jumping into the car and pulling our home with us. Camping can be so inexpensive and you see more then if you stay in a hotel.

    Safe journey.

    God bless.

    1. Very true. I also like not having to engage with people in hotels and restaurants/cafes too. Sometimes the peace and quiet and feeling of being self contained is enough and is very restful.